• Most of a hamster's "smell" is caused by the ammonia in their urine. Their urine tends to be quite concentrated and can get a little high if the cage is not cleaned frequently enough. Hamsters are very neat, if they are healthy and provided with adequate housing, and will usually urinate in only one corner of the cage. The entire cage should be changed every two weeks, at the least, and it is a good idea to leave some of their old bedding in the nest area so they have a familiar smell to their home. However, the soiled bedding in the animal's urination corner can be replaced whenever you chose to do so. If you replace all of the bedding in the corner, the hamster may move to another corner, but is most likely to continue in the same spot. Hamsters also have a mild, musky odour, which comes from their scent glands. These are located on the animal's flanks, one on either side of the body. If you see your animal rubbibg against the sides of the cage after it has been completely changed, he or she is marking their area with their scent. If you handle the animal, you will get some of this scent on your hands. It can be washed off with soap and water, if it bothers you.
  • You can give your hamster a bath in a sink with baby shampo. But make sure your hamster trusts you because getting wet isn't their favorite activity and they could possibly bite if they feel threatened. I worked for a pet store as a hamster breeder in high school, and I bathed several hamsters this way and not once was bitten, but its all about trust.
  • they clean themselves every day, so you dont have too clean them....they shouldnt smell if you take care of them right.
  • put a clothes peg on their nose... sorry, appalling joke. make sure you clean them out a lot but mine were generally quite clean
  • Clean their cage a lot! It's a constant thing. The cleaner the cage, the sweeter they will smell.
  • Other than keeping their cages clean, not much can be done. Or perhaps you have a female hamster who smells every few days. This is a musk that her body produces naturally when she is fertile. There is nothing you can do about this smell, though.
  • Plug their nose?? ;P
  • Change the ceder chips often. Make sure everything is dry in the cage. You can try giving him a bath in an old tupperware type bowl, that's what my kids always did. Worked ok. Just dry him off real good.
  • All you can really do is clean thier cage. I tried air freshener, but it does not work. If the hamster is in your room, try to close the door to keep the smell in. DO NOT PUT YOUR HAMSTER IN A GARAGE OR SHED. In the winter it gets to cold and in the summer it gets to warm for the hamster. A typical temperature is room temp. Don't clean its cage too much or some of the soap may rub off onto its skin, causing a rash!
  • Tell them to put hankies over their noses.
  • Put them out in the garage! : )
  • to stop hamsters smelling you need 2 clean them out often
  • Hold their nose
  • cats are pretty good at bringing that smell to an end.
  • Fregrance sand bath. Cat litter bedding. Believe or not, these little critters can be trained to use the same area. (=
  • Kill them and bury them 2 miles from your house or feed them to the local cat population. But then cats smell worse so you get a group of dogs to chase the cats away but then you have dog poop everywhere you have to clean up then your dumpster smells until the trash truck comes and hauls it away but it would be your luck some of the poop bags will fall out and the truck will run over them squishing poop everywhere along the street. You have a choice leave the squished bags there to smell or wash it all down the curb to the storm drain. Hopefully the hamster smell will be gone by then.

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