• Look in your local yellow pages under 'physicians' and find a weight-loss doctor. I weighed 187 lbs. in March '07 and today I'm at 150 lbs. Monthly visits include a baseline bloodwork-up to determine your blood chemical composition and if you're deficient in some nutritional area, EKG monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, this is legit. I'm prescribed (conservatively) appetite suppressents and instructed on improved dietary choices, advised to drink lots of water, cut out the alcohol, etc. I feel great, look phenomenally better, and can't reccommend this route enough. Good Luck, and Congrats on the upcoming wedding.
  • Dont drink any soft drink/sodas/pop. Drink only water. Dont eat anything after 6PM. The worst you can do is eat right before you go to bed. Your body doesnt burn the calories. Dont skip meals. If you do you will slow down your motabolism. Dont touch junk food. If you're able to, go walk in a subdividsion or park or something. You will burn more calories if you walk fast instead of running.

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