• Skunks are great pets for people who are willing to go out of their way to accomodate a pet. Are skunks great with kids? Are your kids great with animals? They have not been domesticated quite as long as a dog and will not put up with as much. They are also very smart and affectionate and will respond to a loving family member. Skunks can and should be de-stinked at a vet and MUST be spayed or neutered. I'm not saying this because I'm worried about skunks in shelters (yes, there are skunk shelters and you should look into getting one there). I'm saying it because they get insanely aggresive during mating season if they are not. For the record, I love having my skunks. They are the smartest pet I've ever had. But do yourself a favor and contact some skunk groups before you get one. They are defineately not for the uneducated.
  • I have. One thing I can tell you is that almost without fail, every one of them has to have surgery. See, a skunk won't sell without removing the stink glands which are located on either side of the anus inside the anus. Once that has been done, the intestine becomes vulnerable to physical stressors and before you know it, the poor thing has a wad of intestine hanging out its butt hole. You will need a few hundred dollars for a surgery called a circlage. They will anesthetize the animal and sew the intestine back into place. There are also other factors that cost money, too. You must have rabies shots annually, along with other vaccines. Pay particular attention to diet, too, because once they have the surgery you can't just feed them any old thing they will eat.
  • Skunks have their own temperaments, each different. I am cautious with skunks around children - I need to know the skunk and circumstances that will make it nervous. Mostly, the issues would be over food, snatching food away from a child so never let this be a possibility. So many home have skunks with their children and have no problems though, there are two thousand skunk owners in Florida alone. This was our Baby - his name was Jeronimo, one of the first boys we had. We absolutely love having pet skunks and fortunately we are in a legal state.
  • We once had a neighbor that had a pet skunk. They said they had the stinky sack removed (if that's possible). I would imagine like any other animal, dogs and cats included, there are nice ones and not so nice ones.
  • I bought both of mine from a pet store. I had two males, Stan and Ollie. I had to get rid of Ollie because Stan would not accept him. I had Stan first, I got him when he was approx 8 weeks old. He is now 6 years old.I know several people that had them and never could get the smell to go away. I do not have that problem with Stan, he gets a bath about every 6 months (unless he goes outside, which is rarely) It is illegal in many states to own skunks unless you have a rehab license, because they are a vector for rabies. In Ga it is legal to own one as long as it is not black and white.There is currently no vaccine for them. Make sure if you are getting one to check the local vets, I live in a fairly large town with many vets and I could only find one that would handle him. They eat bugs, fish, fruits and veggies. NO CAT FOOD, too high in protein. I spend more on his food bill than mine. During the season I buy up stuff and freeze it for the off season. They do not like corporal punishment (spanking) be ready for retaliation in some form. Stan will steal my t shirts and make a bed out of them so I have to make sure they are picked up. I do not let my grandchildren mess with Stan unless I am holding him. He tends to nip. The place I boeard him has children(older) and they love to play with him.
  • yes i have petted a skunk my 4 yr old daughter has a pet skunk and we are just now trying to come up with the money to get it fixed

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