• Ideally demand should drive the price. Sort of like a slow motion auction house. Unfortunately, artists can starve waiting for the final bids to come in. So... they sell short, many times for less than the cost of the materials. I often see framed art for sale for less than I could have it framed. It must be very frustrating. What's fair? Cost of materials x2 and time spent times your labor rate. Minimum wage? CEO salary? It gets hard. Plus what is time spent? Is daydreaming about a piece considered research? What artist type is organized enough to log the minutes spent sketching a something before it becomes a piece? And what about the other 25 sketches that became nothing? Do you have the guts to ask $300 for $3 worth of oil on a $12 canvas, that you sat all day on the beach in spring painting. But hey, if you stir the right person's emotions, it could be worth 1000's.
  • "How much money will you give away in order to have the privilege of having that piece of art for yourself?" To me, that's honestly as simple as it is - I think people complicate it too much : D

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