• I've heard that used in a few different ways and the only such meaning I know of is a person who is of straight orientation that has many homosexual friends? Modern language... pfft.
  • Usually a woman who hangs out with gay guys. I'm a closet fag hag.
  • A straight woman with gay male friends. I am proud to be called a fag hag because my gay friends are great.
  • I thought it was straight women who LOVE/adore gay guys, hanging out with them, etc.
  • Well it is a woman that sticks around one OR many gay guy(s) and enjoys being around him(them) often. But the thing is, that gay friend is often the advisor, the stylist, the confident, the ... everything! lol Grace for example is Will's fag hag, even though she doesn't have necessarily a GROUP of gay guys around her. Sometimes, the gay-girl relationship can be very... "inter-dependant" to a point it becomes a fag-hag relationship. Every gay has his hag. But unfortunately not every girl has it's gay best friend.... (they're missing out! sigh...)
  • Tom Cruises girl.... :o
    • Ponystar
      (RIM SHOT) Yeah I like that!!
  • A girl that only likes to hang around gay men
  • The definition I always got was a staight woman who is out to turn a gay man tward women. Sort of an ego thing.
  • A straight women who enjoys the company of and has many gay male friends.
  • A fag hag is a girl who only has gay friends and ends up falling for her friend who's gay.
  • Ellen DeGeneres?
  • Hey, I just was called one and I asked this same question. Recently, I've become close friends with a gay guy and he is awesome! I totally trust him and he treats me awesome and he looks out for me. Yeah, its like Grace in the Will and Grace show. He has given me better advice than my family or single g.f.s have in my entire life. He can see things I don't see about myself etc. He is very in tune with me.
  • A woman who revels in the company of her gay male friends.
  • a straight girl that dresses in all black and hangs with guys that are gay only
  • I'm a gay guy and I have always thought that a Fag Hag was kind of a sad case where a straight girl's interest is more than best friends with a gay guy, more like the straight women that are in love with a gay guy that are always hanging out at gay clubs, not pursuing their own needs and a love life with a straight guy. Very codependant, and kind of a sad it's a one sided relationship and kind of a derogatory term to them. Example ... " These women that call themselves Claymates or as I call them Fag hags need to get a life " Matt..... Plz understand I LOVE my straight girls that are in my life and friends. I would never call them fag hags they have a life are nothing like those girls. Hope that helped Matt
  • Usually a women who hangs around gay men as a real sisterly or motherly figure.
  • A straight woman who likes hanging out with her gay male friends.
  • my understanding of that term is also for a woman who smokes a lot and so much that she looks worn and older than her age!
  • In Scotland and I am sure elsewhere in the UK a "fag" is a cigarette not someone who is gay. Therefore I would say a "fag hag" would refer to a heavy smoker rather than someone who is gay or hangs around gay individuals.
    • Ice man
      You might want to have a look at this -
    • dickw60
      Well that may be one definition from your site listed however I used to correspond with a young woman from Scotland. She referred to a fag as a cigarette. It may mean a woman who hangs with gay individuals in the USA but not necessarily throughout the world.
  • It's a woman who hangs with an obviously gay a couple!
  • A fag hag is a women who hangs out with gay men.....and my favorites are fag hags who line me up with their gay friends
  • A fag hag is a straight woman who hangs out with gay men. I have lots of women who hang out with me and they are FABULOUS when it comes to them connecting me with other guys.
  • Apparently, no one in here knows what a dictionary is. A "fag" is a bundle of sticks. Therefore, a "faghag" would be an old ugly woman who gathers firewood.
  • A heterosexual woman who socializes with gay men
  • A straight woman who has gay best friend.
  • an old homosexual

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