• The median salary for window washers is $18,790 per year. However, the ones who wash windows using scaffolding and in high-rise buildings get paid more. And as with most jobs, the more experienced widow washers get higher salaries. I took these pictures of high-rise window washers in San Diego last week. They inspired this question.
  • 1992, I owned a window washing company & we netted $4000 a month
  • Whatever it is it's not enough.
  • I hope they make top dollar for the risks they take. Two jobs I refuse to do are washing windows on high rise buildings and changing out lights on transmitter towers.
  • the average would probably be somewhere...HIGH! o my god that's funny!!
  • I worked as a high-rise window washer for about a year in Seattle. I worked the "boson's chair", which is basically like rappelling down the side of a building. We never did anything much over 30 floors, around 300+ feet. I made $12 an hour. After a close call or two I now work a desk job =)
  • an hour starting wage in new york city high rises start from 18 per hour to 20 more experience more money you get

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