• No it is not. The term "Trappist" is licensed for use by six brewing abbeys. All are Belgian and brew beers under the brand names Chimay, Westmalle, Westvleteren, Achel, Orval and Rochefort. All may use the term "Authentic Trappist Product" on their labelling and most do. There was a seventh Trappist producer in the Netherlands but its status was withdrawn when its brewing operations were taken over by a large Dutch commercial brewery in 2002. The legal restriction in the use of the name Trappist began in 1992. Until that time St Bernardus brewery had been making deliberate imitations of the Westvleteren brews at the request and with the agreement of the abbey, using the St Sixtus brand. This permission was withdrawn and the brewery should by rights have folded, as these were the only beers it made in those days. However, in practice the brewery has if anything improved its brewing quality since that time and has maintained and expanded its market. It is now one of the best small breweries in all Belgium. It recently won several medals at a major beer exhibition in Chicago. Its stronger beers are correctly termed abbey beers, as they imitate the dubbel and tripel styles pioneered by the Westamalle abbey's breweery some years ago. Tim Webb Author, Good Beer Guide to Belgium & Holland

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