• They earned their wealth and Bill Gates is very chartable. Why should anyone take it away from them?
  • It is a fact that the richest people in the world like Bill Gates only donate 2% of there income to charitable causes so that is not alot of money, & it is known that the richer you get the less you give. I don't understand it either how those people could sleep well at night knowing there is so much suffering in the world but you know what they say "money is the root of all evil."
  • Dood... didnt they just give most of it to that foundation?
  • It's not very fair to point fingers like that. Who does give "enough" to charity. Just because those people have more than other people doesn't mean they should be the only ones helping with poverty. How much of last years annual income did you give to charities and organization that help people in poverty?
  • By looking at the big picture. I know for people with big hearts it's not easy to think about, but these particular types of foundations (the ones that really work) are designed to be self sustaining, they have their own assets and investments portfolios etc. I see what you are saying, but I think there are no short term solutions to what's going on. We've been screwing things up for generations and unfortunately I think it's going to take generations to change the general mindset. The most effective tools to do that will be those that are around through the entire process. Trust me I feel ya, but I truly think the only way to fix things for good is to fix how they came to be this way
  • Well, without fail every single person you happened to mention does donate to charity and gives back. Could they give more? Definitely. Sure. But the thing is most people don't realize how much donations are actually given because people can't see it in action. How many donation dollars have you actually seen put in effect locally? These people donate billions of dollars. You ask how they can keep so much wealth; but you phrase it as though giving money to people is a solution. I used to think that too: why can't rich people just give everyone lots of money? You have to realize its not money that is the problem, it's what people do with the money that is the problem. Studies show that 95% of lottery winners have none of it left in 5 years. People think that getting millions fixes everything. If I gave you a million dollars what would you do with it? Most people would buy a nice house somewhere and a nice car and take some vacations et cetera. I'll come see you in 6 years and you'll be struggling to pay your mortgage. So in conclusion, I'm not saying WHY they keep so much wealth specifically, but part of the reason is because giving poor people money creates more of a problem than a solution. It is educating people what to DO with money that is what is going to help things in the end. And to summarize my last point: It is not that these people don't 'give' their wealth; it is just that YOU will never necessarily 'see' their donations in action. James [Sources: Owns several businesses, philanthropist, wealth coach]

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