• I think that depends on the person and the place. In America, Gluttony.
  • I would say greed or gluttony. For human wide I would guess Greed.
  • I would say greed, so many think that having more is the answer to all problems!
  • Whichever one is your sin. For some reason people think that their sin is better than someone elses. Sin is sin. Murderer or little white lie teller.
  • Everyone has a different one. You can't sum everyone up into one main problem.
  • It bug’s me that simple “question” like this may imply that there are those, who possible could think that some could abstain from “those” sins, and therefore made them self righteous before God. There is a scripture about what God thinks about self attained righteousness. (Romans 3:10) I will assume you are referencing a Dante’s “Inferno” the seven mortal sins he mentions Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. These are nowhere to be found in the Bible, it has been drawn up from other writings, used by the early church, and later perfected by Roman Catholic church and even divided in to a two groups, mortal sins(those seven) and not so mortal sins, which could be dealt with any sacrament, and therefore be forgiven. Those were “tools” designed by church to point out the moral weakness of human nature and exploit the week. Any attempt to get “rid-off” them and consequent failure just drove people further from God. Only mortal “Sin” one should worry about is one of the “sin of unbelief...” Specifically, rejecting the drawing of the Holy Spirit toward to truth which resolves in salvation of the soul being drawn. This “grieving” the Holy Spirit becomes un-pardonable sin in this life, and life to come. See Matthew 12:32. To put it another way, so what could possibly be the subject of communication that the Holy Spirit is trying to convey to us? The fact is that the salvation IS readily available, and that even simply by believing in the name of Jesus Christ. There are many ways that He (Holy Spirit) is drawing us to that “point,” but it all comes to an end when we eventually accept or reject the leading of the Holy Sprit. Those that accept are led into the light, those that reject Him, continue in path of darkness and destruction.
  • Pride "Before there were 7DS, there were eight, attributed to the 4th century desert monk, Evagrius Ponticus. For Evagrius, there were eight kinds of evil thoughts which would tempt the monk and try to dissuade him from his spiritual pursuits. In order, they were: gluttony, lust, greed, sadness, anger, sloth, vainglory and pride. Evagrius begins with the bodily sins–gluttony and lust–because they were, for him, the “easiest” to overcome. Pride was the most difficult, since, if you got through all of the others, you would still be left with pride…that you’d been able to conquer them." Source:
  • Gluttony: look at how fat Americans are. People can't seem to control their compulsion to consume: eating, drinking, smoking, etc...
  • hard to say. the interpretation given seems to be whatever punishment is involved in the last circle of hell but in the beginning the allegorical representation of the 3 beasts that hinders dantes path are considered to be human kinds greatest sins to overcome. The problem is the 3 beasts have so many different interpretations. they say that the 3 beasts are dantes way of confessing his sins considering that he overcame the first two beasts, the first one was ok, 2nd one was harder to overcome and third for him was impassable for him. mandelbaum interprets the 3rd beast to be avarice therefore i would go with avarice...

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