• No. I look at people that I find attractive but it doesn't mean I have any interest in anything other than looking at someone pleasant to look at. Why should it mean anything other than that to him?
  • No, it doesn't bother me and we frequently discuss it. I'll add "Oh, she is pretty or cute, or what ever." I don't get jealous from looking.
  • No, he is with me after all. If it's just looking then why should I care?
  • probably not cause that is why God gave us eyes for. Unless they were looking in a disrespectful way
  • It doesn't bother me. After 22 years in an extremely happy and satisfying marriage, I don't think I have much to worry about. If my wife sees me looking at an attractive lady she always says, "Down! Boy." I generally reply with something like, "But did you see her...(hand gestures)?" Then we laugh about it. :)
  • Not at all..Ü Sometimes, it's I who told him to look at a particular cute girl if I happen to see one when we go malling. Ü There's nothing wrong when the partner is just looking. I do it too but it doesn't mean we want to cheat on each other. Beautiful things are meant to be appreciated. Ü
  • Not in the slightest. I can appreciate that there are a lot of attractive people out there, and why not look at them?
  • Nope. It's like I always say, you don't try on everything you see in the shop window. Heck, my husband and I appraise people like cattle more often than not, pointing each person's good points and bad... then delivering an ultimate judgment. It's a lot of fun.
  • Hell yeah, it'll bother the hell outta me. So much so, I just might jump in the car & leave her there.................................Then go back to get her a few minutes later, of course.
  • Only if my partner made me feel insecure generally. I like being with someone with whom I can discuss people we see.
  • no not one bit ....I have never been or will ever be jealouse at all about anyone or anything and I have complete trust in my partner at ALL times
  • Not really, as long as there is no slobbering.
  • No, Sometimes we look together. i might say "look at her she looks nice" he may agree or disagree, he will do the same with me about a guys looks. not all the time only if we someone really nice you just have to remember that they are going home with you looking is ok but no touching. :)
  • no, not at all...I look..why shouldn't he?
  • Looking isn't touching. I will tease him sometimes, but he most definitely spends more time with his guy friends fixing cars, than any interest he has in any females he sees. He says that he doesn't have enough time for the one woman he has already, why would he want to deal with 2 of them, when I tease him...
  • haha YES, it bothers me soo much when my boyfriend does that. But then you half to realise that guys just look around, and that hes only you and no body else! :)
  • No. I might even comment on how pretty the girl is. I know that he loves me, so that is what matters to me. :)
  • Nope. Follow the 2 second rule and no look-backs and we're OK/
  • A former BF gave me a line and I started to use it. "God gave me two eyes one for looking at you and one to look at all the rest" Normally I don't care but the night he cave me that line I was pretty upset at him. I was dressed "to the nines". Later we laughed at it
  • Yes, but I suppose that's because I'm not confident with myself or my relationship.
  • he stares at them but sleeps with me. no competition.
  • it really depends on the relationship because it all depends on how in love you are with each other if it was still beginning stages i would let it go if it was something serious i would ask him how he feels about me and if he says something that would leave me thinking then i would be upset otherwise he would say something corny like i only have eyes for you or you are the only one i want in my life or from one tree hill you are the one i want by my side when all my dreams come true
  • Well I think it's human nature for us all to notice an attractive person just as we would notice a piece of artwork. I mean as long as the person does it in a respectful manner and doesn't drool over the person they are perving at or say "hey why don't you look more like that" lol
  • Nope . I look all the time . Looking isn't harmful to our relationship . I know who he's with , who he's coming home to , and who had the ring on the finger . Doesn't bother me one bit . Sometimes I'll say " yeah , she's hot ! "
  • It would annoy me, but only for a minute or two. I'd get it over it pretty quickly as long as they weren't drooling over the other person.
  • I just dont want to think that my partner is mentally undressing that person and envisioning having sex with them. Thats what iv heard guys are doing when they are checking out other girls.

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