• It is considered one of the Sacramentals in the Catholic Faith as a sign of reverence upon entering the House of the Lord and then doing so again when leaving. It shows respect for the Trinity and for those who believe, they feel a certain comfort and closeness to God as well.
  • CuriousFrank seems to know what he is talking about. I always thought it was for protection from everything outside those doors.
  • To prove that we aren't vampires.
  • It is a sacramental in Catholicism and can mean a few different things. Some reasons that I do it personally are: It is a reminder of our Baptism, when we officially joined the church. Holy water is used to sanctify almost everything in the church therefore it is a purification ritual that we undergo each time we enter and exit. It also helps us to recall and revere the trinity when we make the sign of the cross at the church doors.

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