• That is used in place of shouting in blogging and posting on the Internet. Many people get annoyed by it if used in excess.
  • Because it's like shouting. It's considered rude.
  • Many people use it to make a point, many don't even realize it till it's brought to their attention...I bet there is some type of "behavioral disorder" connected to doing this constantly, JMO
  • Aside from the fact that it is considered to be shouting online, which is astonishingly rude and isn't something you would generally just randomly decide to do in real life, there are other considerations. The foremost consideration is that it is very annoying and difficult to read compared with using the appropriate capitalisation. We are used to reading sentences that start with a capital letter and continue using lowercase - to see constant capitals makes most people's eyes start to bleed after a while. A very small number of people enjoy that. Everyone else loathes it. And of course, another consideration is that it also makes you look like a complete idiot. It is as though you are incapable of using capitalisation correctly, or that you are incapable of comprehending where the caps lock key may be (in order to turn it off), or its use.
  • I know it's considered shouting, but really how can it be considered shouting when it doesn't make a sound. I can't help but think it's quite silly.
  • I think it's annoying. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO SHOUT??!?!?!?!
  • A broken keyboard can cause this issue.

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