• Run your hands under water..and i know it sounds strange, but also watch the running water. It works for me everytime :)
  • If you chew gum while cutting them it will stop them from running...
  • Cut faster. I have also heard that a candle burning near your cutting board works, but I have never tried it. Once you break the cells of the onion, the chemicals mix and sulphuric acid (of a low strength) is released into the air. That's why the candle probably works, but if you aren't cutting up a great number of onions, cutting them up quickly works the best for me. Be sure to cover them once they are cut (unless you are using them immediately) especially if you are cutting a lot.
  • Wear glasses while you cut onions. This may reduce the impact fumes released while cutting the onions.
  • When peeling and cutting onions..chew gum...also cut under running cold water.
  • While cutting onion 1st cut them in to two parts soak them in water for awhile,then cut them as u wish.
  • a shot of vodka.
  • use a very sharp knife, the "juice" is released when cells are broke, but if it is a clean cut, this breaks fewer cells. put the whole, un-cut, onion in the freezer for about 30 minutes before you cut them. and what I have found to be the BEST is to wear saftey goggles. I know is sounds goofy, but I keep a pair in my pantry just for this purpose.
  • I don't really have a remedy, but it's a preventative method. Put your onion in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes before chopping it. It will make the cells stiffer and the enzymes less likely to release into the air and create that eye-burning compound. Also, use your sharpest knife. This will cause a much cleaner cut in the cell walls of the onion.
  • A banana nose.
  • You've got some good ideas for prevention. The only cure is time or a gentle eye wash which you can get at the drug store.
  • Cut under cold water, or squirt a little lemon juice on it. I find that refridgerated vidalias never give me a hard time.
  • Run your wrists under cold tap water after cutting the onion.
  • I almost never have trouble so I never had to find an answer. Thanks to everyone for the tips in case I ever need them
  • I chop mine in a chopper so most times I do not suffer from them. Else I just splash cool water.
  • Drink about an 8oz glass of water quick as you can, so I wouldn't put ice in your glass to prevent brain freeze. I don't know why this works but my mother always told me to do it and it always worked. It's not an instant remedy but it speeds things up.
  • Ask your partner or spouse to cut the onions. You can offer whatever you like for that service.
  • A pair of goggles.
  • I cook a lot and absolutely have "baby eyes" when it comes to chopping up onions (especially a lot of onions) - swimming goggles are a basic cooking tool in my kitchen.
  • If it’s already happened you can open your freezer and put your face in it while keeping your eyes open as much as possible. The cold gives a faster relief. And preventatively I use a sharp knife and try to avoid standing directly over the onions.
  • cut them under water
  • Replace them with potato eyes or any veggie you prefer!
  • just dont cut onions

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