• I kinda love being mixed. I'm biracial, black and white. Wouldn't change it.
  • I'd be a strong athletic black man. My ancestors came from North Central Europe mostly.
  • I am 100% Sicilian... and I wouldn't change... that's weird.
    • Thinker
      Sicilian is a nationality not a race.
  • My biological race is human. My sociological race is mixed, but predominantly Caucasian. I wouldn't chose another even if I could. I'm ok with who I am.
  • I am caucasian, and I don't think I would choose another. That would comepletely change who I am and everything about me. I don't meant that to sound offensive, but difference races are different cultures and while we all have pretty much the same set of core values, our racial "societys" are much different. I love to learn about other races and their cultures, but I'm sticking with mine because it's all I know to be.
  • I'm a cracker, lightly peppered. I don't really think about changing who I am. I'd still be me.
  • My Mother is German. My Father was Aboriginal. I'm happy with my ethnicity. If I had to choose something different, I would most likely choose to be Native American.
  • I am part of the human race...I do not like classifying people into any narrower category... there are no biological races only social ones. Now to actually answer your question I do not fall neatly into one category, I consider myself bi-racial, I get weird looks when I say this in the US, because in the US for some reason the term bi-racial has come to mean Caucasian and African-American (in my experience). I am most defiantly not that mix, so after they give me the weird look I explain I am Asian and Caucasian. If I could choose another... I don't think I would I like who I am and where I come form, it is a part of me I would never wish to change.
  • I am Dutch, Canadian French and Italian. If I had to choose another it would be Japanese. I have great respect for Japanese culture and history.
    • Thinker
      You have listed nationalities not races.
  • Black man of African and Native American descent..I wouldnt choose any other race.
  • I am an american Indian Cherokee decendant with a bit 'o' the irish so I was doomed from birth I think I would like to be an English debutant.
  • I'm white British, or caucasian as some people say. If I could choose Id be something like Greek, theyre very elegant.
  • I'm a Slav. I see no reason to change, but if I HAD to, I'd choose Korean or Chinese. For some reason I got downrated for saying this before, but I think that East Asians in general are better looking than Caucasians.
  • Probably some handsome dark-skinned mediterranean type like Spanish or Italian. Anything to get sun-tolerant skin!
  • I'm Native American and caucasian!
  • Caucasian. If I had to pick another it would be a race of beautiful olive skin.
  • American Indian and Caucasion - i wouldnt be anything else - like my mom said - some of your relatives came from the old country and met some of your other relatives on the shore in the New World LOL
  • Human...I have always thought it would be pretty cool to be Vulcan. J/K I am Caucasian/Native American of Dutch/Irish/German/Cherokee ancestry. I would choose no other, I am happy with who I am. ;-)
  • Brazilian/dominican/part-caucasian, I love my race I dont think I would trade it for any other.
  • Human, Human.
  • 100% Japanese. I wouldn't change it.
  • I'm what's called coloured in South Africa. It's a distinct race group unique to especially the Cape region, and it's made up of descendants of Malay and Asian slaves, Khoisan people and usually illicit relationships between the white Dutch farmers and local girls of other races. What's interesting in my case is that while most coloured people are visibly brown-skinned and clearly not white, some kind of genetic throwback has resulted in me being fair-skinned and appearing to be white. So I've had the advantage of seeming to be of another race, especially in the troubled apartheid years when it opinions about race were very heated and it was very interesting to be able to hear both sides - people would say things in front of me assuming I was white which they wouldn't have said otherwise. I wouldn't change my race, as I'm very proud of my heritage and the local culture. Again, what's interesting is that my own people don't always easily accept or recognise me because of my light skin.
  • Not sure what group I fit into. Afterall you only have your mother word that the guy in the next room is your father. Same is true going back generations. Here is the USA they have funny rules for grouping everyone. Did you know that if you actually came from SPAIN (Hispania)you would NOT be considered Hispanic? For 200 years everyone tried as hard as they could to hide any trace of Native American blood in their family lines and now they are bragging that they have 1/16th of some tribe they can't prove. My fathers family arrived in the US back in 1648 and settled in the swamps of Rhode Island (an area called Newport now) They likely breed with any number of native american tribes which now mostly don't exist or were absorbed by the Mohegan tribe. My mother's father came here from portugal. and settled in a portuguese community in Stonington, CT. One race is as good as another in my opinion. Too bad people can't get along.
  • human bean
  • I`m Russian, I wouldn`t like to choose another one.
  • 5K, but I wish I was better at the 100 meter hurdles.
  • Besides human? Im Caucasian with a tiny bit of cherokee in me a 32 actually :P. And no i woudlnt choose to be any other race not that it matters I think it truly is inside that matters. I would be me no matter what race I was.
  • I'm from the Human Race only
  • Human race
  • im white. what other color is there?
  • Im a germanic french. eh Im happy as I am
  • i'm white and english a very proud of it
  • italian,french,hungarian,and albanian wtf that
  • Native American: Powhatan, Nansemond, and Cherokee European: Scottish and maybe French
  • im white british but if i could choose any other race to be id b a slice of jamaican with a dash of chinese a splash of mexican a drizzle of indian a spoonful of white british a dab of cuban with a hint of japanese and a thimble full of all other races put into a pot for a few hours to simmer n bam id b miss universe literally !!!!
  • 100m I would choose the 400m I am better at longer distances
  • Human race... but my ethnicity is filipino, korean and spaniard. I like being asian, but if I had to choose I'd probably like to be puerto rican because they're some of the prettiest people I know....
  • I must say I'm proud of my current enthic background being a Native American, African American, and Caucasian. But if I could choose another I would be Samoan.
  • ± am turkish ı wouldnt want to change my race
  • My race is the HUMAN RACE ,soooo no,I would NOT be interested in dating outside my race!!!!!
  • I AM BROWN, i would not be anything different because that would mean i would have different parents and i would not trade my parents for all the tea in china.
  • Human. I'm predominantly black with some Irish and Native American blood.
  • I'm African-American, but I have albinism. If I could choose, though, I probably wouldn't want to be albino.
  • I'm from the human race and i'm happy with that, so i wouldn't wish to choose another :)
  • well well im mexican my great grandparents are from im more mexican than spanish or w/e u call it...but i wouldnt change it for nothingggg lol
  • well Im namcoean. Namco created my race I wish i were human
  • i wish everyone would stop talkin about race!!!
  • The 1/4 mile,,thats my favorite race!!
  • I always wanted to be a Super Saiyan or perhaps kryptonian.
  • good Question
  • I'm white. I wouldn't choose to be another race. I don't have anything against any other race, is just that I'm fine with what I am.
  • the human race. And no I wouldn't choose another.
    • ReiSan
      Races are divisions of the genus and species Homo sapiens. There are three races caused by adaption to cold, temperate and hot climates.
    • Linda Joy
  • Caucasoid. Mongoloid.
  • white, and i dont care what race i would be
  • My race is called Mongoloid by anthropologists. I do not wish to choose another race. If I was forced somehow to choose, I would pick Caucasoid.
  • Why would I choose another? What's wrong with mine?
    • mushroom
      The question didn't ask for any judgement, just any preference.
    • Archie Bunker
      Well, if I'm proud to be black, I'm cool. Black power! But, if I'm proud to be white, I'm a racist. White power! I'll stick to what I got.
  • I am of the the 100 meters male race and I would choose only females running in the marathon race. Only so we can have kids who are mixed relay race.
  • I am white and would prefer a darker skin color. It would save a lot of hours in the sun trying to get a tan.
  • I don't know what I would be since there is only one race and many cultures and the only race is human.
  • I'm a blonde Caucasoid lady. I wouldn't want to be of any other race.
  • Human. The word "race" and what it implies is inaccurate and divisive. While there are many ethnicities, there are not truly many races at this point. Perhaps with interstellar space travel we may discover other races.
  • Caucasian that is good enough I don't want to be anything else.
  • The long distance marathon, The 100 meters is what I would choose
  • I would rather be Jewish, which I am because I have trusted Jesus Christ., ye must be born again, thank you, .
  • Native American, they know how to live in harmony with the earth.

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