• Demri Parrott. Demri was engaged to Layne Staley, but passed away 6 years before him in 1996. "Dirt" was released in 1992. If one compares alternate picture for the cover of "Dirt" (found inside the booklet in "Music Bank"), the actual cover, and what few photos of her exist. Since the liner notes yield no clues, I can only assume that this is her. HOWEVER. . . .from "The front cover said it all: buried in a desert under dirt is Layne Staley's sometime fiance and soulmate Demri, whom herself died in 1995 (NOTE: she died in 1996, not 1995) of bacterial endocarditis after heroin abuse. Eerily prophetic and unavoidably depressing, Dirt is an album unlike no other." EDIT 3/1/08: Or see jindigs answer. Great answer and a darn good possibility.
  • On the cover of Dirt is 99 percent most likely Demri Parrott she was truly Layne's fiance but I don"t think soulmate , cause if Demri was Layne's soulmate they woul have never broken up even to anything. Which they did break up to something. I think they would have stayed together no matter what {but they didn"t
  • the woman on the cover of "Dirt" is NOT Mabri Parrott. it is a friend of AIC's named Stormy Borseno. she owns a barbershop here in Seattle.
  • It's not Demri. While no one will believe this, I know because I used to know her personally. Here is at least one place that agrees with me There is a ton of misinformation out there about her, so it does not surprise me that people think it is her. She did not die of a drug overdose like many sites say, she had bacterial endocarditis, an infection of the heart valves. She actually got Layne to pay for a heart valve replacement althoguh they were broken up, but it was unsuccessful in saving her. Anywho...
  • It's Genevieve, bartender from New Orleans
  • I really don't know. and after reading all the answers I'm confused as hell.
  • it is stormy. duh.
  • True - she was not on the cover and that pissed her off that the girl looked like her but they didn't use her. I know this for sure. She was one of my best friends.
  • These answers are confusing. One stated that Demri had never done any work for Alice in Chains, however, she was in the Sea of Sorrow video, the one featured on Facelift Live, so who knows.
  • It was not her on the cover. I know this for a fact as she told me. Also, she did indeed die of a heroin overdose. She had bacterial endocarditis really bad and it almost killed her a few times, but her final act was a shot of heroin after several clean days, that rendered her unconscious and she never woke up.
  • It is NOT demri. Nancy, Layne's mom has recently said that Demri was not on the cover of dirt or in any of their videos. The model does kinda look like Demri, only she (the model) has breasts.
  • A woman named Stacey Hall from Port Orchard, WA. She dated Mike Starr breifly after they met in Bremerton in 91 or 92. She is the sister of my ex bandmate/high school friend. She wanted to be a model at the time and is now married to and has a child with Brian Young, the drummer for Fountains of Wayne.
  • To see the girl who was on the cover of Dirt go to Brian Young's, the drummer of the Posies and Fountains of Wayne's, My Space page and look under Brian's friends for Stacey. That is the model that was on the cover of Dirt. She was Mike Starr's girlfriend at one time. She looks like the other women mentioned but has breasts. Thank you.
  • So many conflicting answers! As i said above i asked Nancy (Layne's mom) these questions to clear it up. Demri was not on dirt, was not in the sea of sorrow video, she is not in the video singing with layne on youtube (seventhsign) and she has never been in anything aic has ever done. okay dokey :) sweet
  • Who's on the cover is a mystery, I guess. But Demri was, as on source said, on the cover of Mad Season, the artwork coming from a pic Layne and Demri did together. The pic is online for anyone to see. I truely believe Demri is on the cover of Dirt as Layne thanks her and her family in the liner notes and the new pics of her recently released online bear a very true resemblense of her, but again who knows?
  • Another thing, you may say that Demri had no boobies, but the pic for Dirt was taken in 1991 or early 1992, before heroin totally decimated Demri's body and made her a skeleton of what she once was.
  • Okay. A friend emailed the photographer of the cover of Dirt, Rocky Schenck, and he said the girl on the cover is.... Mariah O'Brien. Look her up. It's her.
  • Okay guys, heres the big secret, I know this cause Layne told me after I asked him. It's Stormy, Layne was hanging out with her and took the pic. Sent it to the record company with a description of what he had in mind, the used the original pic of Stormy and super imposed the cracked mud over that. Stormy has also comfirmed this. She was quite pissed about it as she was never compensated. If you were around then and knew who the scensters were then you'd know Stormy.
  • Go to the "Find a Death" Forum and read the following: No problem! Yes, I took that cover photo, and many other AIC covers, too. They are probably one of my all time favorite bands, and a great bunch of guys to work with. I've directed several videos for them, too (just type in my name on youtube, along with Alice in Chains, and you can see some of them). The Dirt cover was shot in my living room, and the model is a great gal named Mariah O'brien. I also used the same gal on a cover I did for Spinal Tap called "Bitch School". She can be seen in a couple of videos on youtube - Red Kross "Lady in the Front Row" and in Afghan Whigs "Gentleman". Best, Rocky

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