• Some women don't dress in a suggestive way and men STILL stare with hungry eyes. To be honest, it's extremely frightening and disgusting- to me at least. I think men should learn that if their interested, eye raping (sorry if the terms offensive) someone isn't the way to go. They need to pull there head out of their reproductive organs and perhaps actually try to TALK to the women that they're interested in. And when I say talk I don't mean use a deep voice and stare creepily in to her eyes. I mean pleasant conversation.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Why don't you write properly? Your usage of incorrect words is offensive to me, and it is to many others as well.
  • Believe it or not, most women I know dress that way to make themselves feel good and sexy.. and other women jealous. Men just get caught in the cross-fire, as usual.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Where I come from we do not dress or look in any way to make other women jealous. Making each other jealous would ruin the friendship between us and that would render our sisterhood useless and redundant. Why would any of us want to risk that?
  • Most women dress for themselves or the approval of other women. It is all relative what each male is going to find suggestive, they will stare anyway. Some men would find a Berka suggestive, most of what they consider suggestive is in their imagination
  • This makes me crazy, and frankly, especially with the high school set, I think they DO want guys to stare at them, but only cute guys. Unfortunately, I see this with adults as well -- women who think they can dress sexy for good-looking guys, but that all ugly or old men should stay away and respect them. I think that's ridiculous. For those who genuinely aren't trying to get ANY guy's attention, I'd say that it's a matter of not realizing how they come across. I had a friend who was constantly wearing very low, very tight shirts. One day she asked my opinion of how she dressed, and I gently told her that her clothes might be a little more provocative than she intended (because I knew her and knew that's not what she was going for). She was shocked and asked for specifics, and then saw herself in a whole new light. The clothes she had been wearing were a reflection of how she was raised and what she was used to seeing.
  • They are sheep. Its in the fashion magazines and in the stores so they follow the so called standard. They also see others dress that way its a self perpetuating cycle. I think it only true for the 40 and under crowd, but I could be wrong. Downgrade me if you must but its how I feel.
    • Bootsiebaby
      I'm no sheep and I don't follow the so-called standard that is in the fashion magazines. I wear platform boots because I want to, not because somebody else wants me to. I had my first pair for my 16th birthday and I have continued to wear platform boots since then, whether they are currently fashionable or not (as it happens, they are currently fashionable as I type this). My next birthday will be my 40th and I won't have changed my style by then.
    • Bootsiebaby
      However, my friends in school started wearing platform boots after I had my first pair for my 16th birthday, but even then I didn't see them as "sheep". They simply copied me because they know I have style. :)
  • My eyes are hungery for a dictionary
    • Bootsiebaby
      I think that was a typo, Hairwatcher. Lol:)
  • Sometimes men stare at pretty faces or at the exotic curves(which can be seen even when she wears a simple Tshirt with jeans).. my point is that a woman needn't be dressed suggestively to get the stares.
  • honest to god, sometimes I dont know!
  • Lots of men stare with hungry eyes at my boots, but that is not the real reason why I wear them. I wear them because I want to, not because some guy wants me to. The same applies to other women and whatever they choose to wear. In other words, men need to control their hungry eyes a bit more.
    • officegirl
      Haha that will be the day!
    • Bootsiebaby
  • they only want certain men to stare. the others are innocent victims.
  • I would point out that we can receive "hungery" stares no matter how we dress - that is just part of life. Of course we want to look good though I would agree that a lot of younger women now do dress inappropriately to call attention to themselves in general. Which seems to me very desperate and a sign of their low self-esteem since they seem to act like without their looks and clothing they would have nothing going for them. So they make spectacles of themselves which is too bad. Is good to feel good about oneself but not good to think that because you do you need to inflict it upon others. As they mature hopefully they will develop other more positive and constructive ways of getting attention. But as fashion and clothing are very personal matters it would be futile to try and interfere with or change them.
  • 12-22-2016 Just yesterday I saw a question on another forum. It was a Muslim girl wondering why the guys stared at her even though she was completely covered by a hijab. So clothing has nothing to do with the subject. The problem is that a man needs female companionship, and some females won't give a man companionship. Some men spend their entire lives trying to imagine what it would be like to find a friendly female.
    • officegirl
      More than only companionship just as we need more than companionship from men. Which does not mean we "owe" that - that is not the way it works. You may call it courtship, adjustment, getting to know one another, dating, mate selection or whatever. Hopefully a man is socialized to understand he needs to do much more than just "imagine" in life. Just as we learn we need to do more than just fantasize and dream. The kind of "companionship" you speak of is no more a "right" for a man than our finding a man to support and take care of and protect us is a "right".

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