• Not more than a way to avoid past mistakes.
  • Always. Any and all aspects of where we came from, how we got here. And what has allowed humans to become the dominant presence on the planet.
  • I've recently discovered a love for US History, and I've always had an interest in Ancient Greek Culture and Japanese History during the Tokugawa Shogunate and Meiji Expansion.
  • I love history - it's not about memorizing dates (although timelines are important) but the motivations behind events, the people and their cultures, how problems have been handled and mishandled over time. My favorite events are those in which civil rights, human rights, triumph.
  • I love History especially dealing with the beginnings of the United States and for some reason I am fascinated with the WWII era. Maybe it's all the stories my ex father in law used to tell about his experiences as a POW for 2 years in North Africa during the war.
  • I love history... and right now I am facinated by Japanese history... but ask me again in a few years and I might tell you that I am interested in another region's history.
  • I like the War Between the States - there's so much to learn from and about it, and so much misinformation floating about. I like history in general, but that's my favorite specific bit.
  • History is one of my main interests. History of everything from the Ancient worls tho The new World and how the history of the European empires affected the growth of the world as we know it today. I am also interested in the history of Dance and theatre as well as Art, Antiques and Books. I took a degree in European History just as a hobby. There is so much to learn from the mistakes that the world has made in the past.
  • I seem to like history more as I get older. I especially like to find out how things are connected. Like that old tv show, "Connections" always told about.
  • Hey Blue!- Shakyamuni Buddha (300 B.C.) and 13th Century Buddhist reformer (my mentor) Nichiren Daishonin
  • Oh my, most certianly yes I do love history. It's so... fascanating really, all that's been done over the centuires, all these great men, these heros who are remebered forever... men who conquered the world, wars, monuments, great Empires rising and falling, it's all so... mystifying... My favorite part though? I have a few... I love the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth centuries a great deal, espeicaly over in Eurpoe - the height of Civilzation as far as music, dress, litature as far as I'm concerned. There are... other times, but I'll just leave it at that.
  • Yes, and my favorite event would be the political and national events leading up to and during WWII
  • Yes it does. For some reason I did very well at European history. The time period of King Henry the VIII to be exact.
  • yes i love ancient history and also Fuedal Japan.
  • I adore History. Roman, Egyptian, Greek, 20th Century, Middle Ages, religious history, history of science... loads and loads can't get enough of it!
  • Yes, I love history, and at various times I'm studying different times and places. I especially like American and European history, and ancient history (Greek/Roman, Persians, etc), with some of church history as a subset of all three of those. It's fascinating, but not really surprising, how so often history does repeat itself, and that there really is "nothing new under the sun." I like learning about the relations of various people and their conflicts, the human story more so than just the pure dates and events by themselves.
  • I was always interested in learning about the Holocaust
  • I LOVE History. A favourite? Oh, geez, I don't know... I study everything from Ur to Atlantis, the Black Plague to the Mummification, and Torture Devices to Corinthian Columns. I have to admit, I don't spend much time studying American History save for the Civil War. Too much of American History is obviously altered (like the belief it was all fought over slavery) and there is not a great wealth of information on the American Civil War available from historians in other countries.
  • I loved history in H.S. My favoite parts were about the Civil & Revolutionary wars.
  • historical debate, nuff said beats any other subject i get offered in high school which is just formula manipulation, history actually requires real skills like logic, essay skills and analysis favourite areas have to be roman history and maybe modern arab-israeli stuff

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