• I think sexism is still rampant in our society. I think for example that equal work deserves equal pay.
  • In a restaurant ...the waitress assumes the man is paying and gives him more attention...serves him first...asks him first is he ready to order least it always happens to me.
  • One place for darn sure: Lifetime channel. Men don't stand a chance, those no-good, lying, cheating, non-crying guys! XD seriously, though, I do feel bad for any man forced to watch the Lifetime channel.
  • Of course we are! It is human nature - we *are* different! The bad side: the glass ceiling, unequal pay for equal work, poor politcial representation, propogation of sterotypes and myths that are detrimental to women. The good side: the male cashier who flirts with you a little and makes your day, being able to ask for help lifting something without coming across as a "wimp", sooo many more plus things on the good side, but I don't want to reveal them to the guys...they might get jealous or might take away some of the privileges once they realize we are getting one over on them!!! :o) The places where men & women NEED to be treated differently: medicine and health - face it, we have more *issues* than men and often women's health issues are ignored as being less important. Military: I know women who can fire a weapon with great accuracy and who are smarther than several males put together. But if you can not throw my husband over your shoulder and get him to safety if he is injured, I don't want you in his foxhole. Sex: Men and women have different needs and that should be respected and accepted as normal. Psychology & Neurology: Men and women actually process thought differently. Our brains fire differently and that should be understood and respected.
  • Anywhere that one sex is typically more than 80% of the people. especially traditional areas. EG Elementary school teachers Nurses, Construction sites. SInce men and women are different, when working in domains that have been evolved by a single gender, these differences can be highlighted when the other gender enters this domain, because this domain was never 'designed' to specifically consider the other gender. Aside from that point, I think women and men will always be treated differently, simply because we are different. As an example, I am more aware and considerate of a woman's perceptions of how I present myself than that to a man because I know this is less important to men.
  • yes i know when you go to buy a car and there are 3 count them 3 salesmen just standing there chatting up a storm and wont come help the girl but the guy that came in 15 min after i got there was promply attented bad for them cause daddy dearest was coming to pay for it in cash!! so poo on them! the next place was a lot better though!
  • Certainly! ... and so they should be. I just posted this Q myself: The Problem with feminism is that it does not distinguish between "sameness" and "Equality" ... who would agree that women can be equal in importance, etc. with men, but are actually quite different and play reciprocal roles to better perform as a team?? God made Man and wife to become "one flesh" ... thereafter, to move "as one": "Wherefore [when they marry] they are no more twain, but one flesh" Men and woman were directly made for each other ... and they were deliberately made to work as one, play as one, laugh as one, sleep as one, and BE as one. Life was not made for individualists - where women and men's "rights" are to be competed for. They are built for facilitation of one another and reciprocation in roles. The best teams are those who play out roles, and do not fight for the same roles. Women are equally important, but they certainly are DIFFERENT.
  • Men and women are treated differently. Because we're fundamentally different. When people complain about unequal representation in fields like politics, it's not the males to blame, it's just the simple fact that not enough women are running for office. And don't get me started on the Equal pay for Equal work chant.

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