• only 22, but im on my way...
  • No, I've chosen several professions at different times in my life.
  • Indeed..Chosun has chosen his profession.
  • Yes, I am! I have obtained two Bachelor's degrees and a Masters to get where I am now, and I am very happy with my career.
  • No, because I decided having a regular income with regular hours was more important to my family than my own enjoyment with my profession. Someday I'll do it though :o)
  • No. Cos I dropped out of uni cos I didn't get to study even though I tried so hard cos my girlfriend at the time kept interrupting me and I didn't put her in her place or leave her so I got a bad headache instead and failed too many subjects but I thought "That's all right, I'm sick of having no money anyway. There's more than one way to skin a cat." but then I couldn't get a job and then when I finally did it was unskilled low paying work and I tried studying in my spare time but it just takes too long and I spend too much time thinking about other things like how to make more money so I can take some time out to study and shit how did I get so old so fast and now I'm wasting countless hours on this website and who knows what I'll be doing next week? That's the short answer.
  • yes and no I work in HR and get the opportunity to do some great stuff, but I would also love to run a little restaurant / B&B in the Red Sea / Zanzibar / Mozambique or work with kids
  • I am. I am a stay at home mom. It is what I always wanted to be. I am lucky enough that my husband can support us. That being said, when the kids start school, I will be working. And I will still be in my chosen profession because I will be teaching school again from 7-4 and a mom the rest of the day. :-) (except when I have to grade papers - yuck!)
  • Somewhat... I am on my way to becoming an attorney... and then I will work my way from there.
  • No.. what is it? Please tell me!

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