• I would be offering to take them to the police and stand by them, or else telling them that I was going to the police if they did not do so willingly...of course, they may, at that point , think "If I have killed one person, one more won't change things" perhaps I would not tell them I was going to the police after all.....:-)
  • I know this sounds horrible but if they murdered someone i would turn them in. You don't hurt someone, the only way it would be ok is in self defence. Good question.
  • Yes I would go with them unless it was a peodophile they had killed Then I would think the world was a better place and take her to Church instead
  • depends on why and who ... but my first thought would be I would say nothing ... but as I said depends
  • Honest answer: No. I would not turn in my best friend.
  • Honest answer yes.I,d turn in my own kids.
  • I would convince him to confess to police. If he doesn't want to then I will keep it a secret.
  • His or her secret would be safe with me.
  • I would encourage them to turn themselves in and if they refused I would turn them in. Imagine if it was your child they had killed and someone hid the truth, how would you feel? And if they then went on and killed others because you kept the secret how would you feel about the fact you could have prevented that? Everyone knows the law.
  • If it was self defense or an accident--you turn yourself in and tell the truth....if it was murder, whoever knows becomes an accomplice if they do not provide information. Killing someone deliberately is wrong--I would have to turn that person in and then provide all the support (both morally and financially) that I could to be sure he/her got a fair trial.
  • I would honestly be mixed and the conicence would bother me for life.
  • This is one secret you cannot keep. if you have knowledge of a crime, especially when a person confesses this crime to you, you have an obligation to notify the police. if the police later discover you knew about the homicide, you could face criminal charges yourself. Friendship can only go so far.
  • More than likely ; I would would personally take my friend to the authorities .... as I do not condone ANY criminal activity . However; there ARE exceptions to every rule ... +5
  • I would be bound to encourage her to turn herself in to the police. She knows that I would not be able to keep this secret -- I could only be support for her.
  • Never. And if it's my boyfriend, I'd rather let him kill me too that turn him in. But I'll try as hard I can to prevent further crimes.
  • I'd keep the secret.

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