• No. Because if I took the time to think it all the way through, I'd have to actually DO it to find out! :)
  • I don't know.....maybe if O.J. is on Answerbag he can tell us?
  • All the time - I actually think it would be pretty easy to rob a bank. 1. Walk into a bank within a supermarket wearing shades and a baseball cap, with 2" lifts in your shoes. 2. Hand a female teller a note saying: This is a robbery - I have a gun - Empty the drawer - NO DYEPACKS OR ALARMS!! 3. Calmly walk out - get into car, and drive home(a few twists and turns aside). 4. Launder money at a local casino in $500 or $1000 increments over a two week period. 5. NEVER EVER REPEAT - OR TELL ANYONE!
  • I'm not sharing my perfect crime with you, you might steal it.
  • I actually do know an untraceable way to kill someone, but never share it. I'm afraid if I did someone might actually do it.

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