• Typically, four years.
  • The short answer is 4 years, but, the more correct answer is "it depends" The answer hinges upon "required" There are some specialities or positions that require advanced training and with that training and additional year or two of service may be required. So, depending on what you do, when an individual enlists, they may get a 4 year, 6 year, or 8 year term of obligation.
  • When I joined the Navy, it was possible to do only a 2 or 3 year hitch with no real training beyond Boot Camp. Generally it was 4 years if you got any sort of schooling. I went for the Nuclear Propulsion program which was 6YO; a six year obligation. Of that, the first 17-24 months (depending on your specialty) was boot camp and training.
  • Most of the servies 4 years the army you can enlist for 2 years
  • No matter what your initial enlistment is the army can make you do 8 years. whether it be 2 years active 6 years IAR or 4 years active and 4 years IAR
  • I think all branches have an 8 yr enlistment now with 4 yrs active duty and 4 yrs reserve whether active or inactive. I'm not sure about joining as a reservist or national guard.
  • 3.59 inches.
  • So you're thinking of volunteering so you can get to go kill people? Oh, how nice. Be sure and say you did it for us. But don't expect sympathy when you come back messed up, not even from the government that under-payed you. War. Wow. Well, in advance -since you may not have a 'later' - thank you so much for helping to protect my "freedom" (which the military actually TOOK AWAY) by murdering people and decimating their countries, for no reason at all, other than corporate gain and to help republicans continue trying to make the whole world say "HEIL" to them, and hate us.. even more.. if that's even possible. You really are having a patriotic urge there. Tell ya what, try beating off at a picture of Hitler. If it works, then you should join.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      This is what kind of person you have to be to want to be a soldier. (WARNING: puppy dies):
    • Mr PantsFellDown
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      All this from the guy who never had a higher purpose than himself.... Where do you get the idea that anyone who joins the military is doing it soley to kill people? Why the comparison to Hitler? It was the US military, not free hugs from the hippies, that stopped Hitler, if you didn't hear. It's been in a couple of papers.
  • 8 yrs. Usually 4 years active (or reserve) time followed by 4 more of inactive time.

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