• True: Proper alignment; the property possessed by something that is in correct or proper alignment. LOVE is not a feeling. Love is an action. Love is a choice. True Love is the action to choose unconditionally in the process of offering to another human being the qualities of: Affection, Care, Concern, Respect, Thoughtfulness, Forgiveness, Compassion, Trust, Joy and many other positive emotional expressions of value and worth toward ANY living being as being Loveable and valuable. Those values, expressed, also might include choices with regard to "tough love," which is also True Love. Some examples of choosing tough love (as an action and not a feeling) are: Turning a loved one over to authorities when they commit a crime. Finding help for a loved one who has a severe drug addiction. Removing life support for a dying loved one. In every example, Love is an action through choice. Many humans mistake Love or True Love as being a series of emotions that equate to an intrinsic summation of justifiability. In so doing, the very foundation of any relationship is bound to fail when the expectation of the intrinsic value falls short of what was anticipated. Therefore, on the basis of a false pretense that True Love is anything other than a choice, an illusion is created. Thus, when True Love is literally the premise behind what IS true, the illusion can never be supported by what is false. True Love, therefore, IS an action and very much a choice.
  • The expression "true love" strikes me as a redundancy. All 'love' is "true love". There is no such thing as 'false love', because if it is false, it is not love at all. It is nothing more than a desire to dominate, an infatuation, or lust.
  • You are totally right man, some people want to be in love so they call that it that. the cause of this sort of thing is usualy loss of hope.
  • they say that tears are what form when an emotion is so powerful, that your body cannot contain it. i love the idea of this, that there is something so boundless and more powerful than we know. it is so powerful a feeling that overcomes us that is affects us, even physically .i believe that love has no boundaries and no label. true love is love. the love you receive or give to your mother, your dog, your partner, your friends, your spouse, whatever it may be, it is as true as anything. you cannot touch it, contain it, or even try to explain it. its a feeling that you cannot control and it is unquestionalby, undeniably in existence. you feel it every day. don't you? if you have to ask the question, "is there really such a thing as true love?" you are asking the wrong question. maybe you are in search of that perfect person. they don't exist. no one is perfect, we love each other because and in exception of our flaws and our mistakes as well as our beauty and goodness. the correct question is, "can you trust yourself and others to love with all they have?" in other words "are you loved entirely?". this may be fleeting, this may last 100 years of your life, but no matter the length of time, love is love. enjoy it.
  • If you are seriously asking the question then you have not found it yet have fun looking!
  • I finally believe that there is no such thing as true love...probably because, while only love can be true love, otherwise if it is not true it is not love, but I believe now that no real love actually exists. It is so easy to say I love you but so ahrd to really feel it and almost impossible to express it - probably because it barely exists, if at all. It's sad, too, because we all want to believe in true love, but it just seems that there isn't true love anymore. Maybe it once existed, or maybe not, but whatever the case may be, I hardly believe it exists today. We all want sex, security, fun, and something to hold on to - I won't even call it someone to hold on to, because it isn't about the someone at that point - it's just about the something - that thing called security, which is just being able to say something and put a label on it, even when/if it doesnt even exist. Many people mistake that thing for love, but it is not love. It is largely a product of one's selfishness, ignorance, and the like. Think of it this way - if love does exist at all - a girl goes to a big event. She picks out a dress. The dress is beautiful, expensive, and for one night only. She only buys it and wears it because she needs it for that one night, and it must make her look good and spectacular and able. That represents infatuation. Look to her favorite pair of jeans, if she has one. If she is willing to acknowledge that she has a favorite pair of jeans that have taken on her contour, look good no matter how she matches them, and make her feel comfortable, and she wears them all the time and while they may not be wild and fabulous, they are her favorite jeans. That represents love. May sound strange, but lately people seem to prefer the one night amazing dress over the comfy jeans for every day. So, too, do they prefer a wild ephemeral infatuation over a love that lasts, fits, and feels right. Strange, sad, but true. My conclusion - if true love exists, he/she will love you in your jeans before they see you in the dress/tux. Save the dress/tux for the wedding.
  • Yes, there is such thing. True love does exist.
  • Been married 16 years that is true enough
  • of course
  • No! I know i will get alot of guff about my answer but this how i truly feel, also noone respects anyone anymore and if they do it is very few and far between. I have never had anyone truly love and respect me when it comes to a relationship between me and a man.
  • People who say they do should be tracked down and tortured to a point where they will recant. They should be as miserable as the rest of us.
  • Oh yes, I have waited all my life for the real true one, now hes come! I can only say destiny finds you!
  • Yes, I am married to the man of my dreams!
  • I definitely hope so!
  • i can only hope so...and man do i wish it would find me...
  • I found it very interesting to read all of your comments about what love is, about what it means, and about how to find it. The truth is, I'm young, really young by today's standards. Do I really know what love is? I can't really say. I do know this. I once had an experience in my life that changed me more than anything else. I cannot even begin to describe how I felt, how I acted, and how I lived. That experience has forever changed me, and definitely for the better. Yes, it had a very tragic end, and one that I wasn't necessarily happy with. However, if I did not have this experience, I can't even imagine where I would be today. Someone earlier said that loved helped them to reaffirm their belief in something bigger and better than this world. I believe my experience helped me to reaffirm this belief too and I feel much closer to god knowing that no matter how much we try there will always be things that we were never meant to understand. I also believe in the theory that love can be everlasting. For me, no matter where I am or who I am with, I will never forget the experience that changed me. I will continue to love that person all of the days of my life, even if we aren't together. You are exactly right, true love is knowing that no matter what, no matter when, someone will love you and accept you for who you are.
  • NO!! Just a bunch of nonsense. I think it's just lust only.
  • True love does no exsist. People get bord with one another very easily other wise people would cheat and lie. Its human nature to lose interest. The only reason people hold on to someone or something is just They hold on for different reasons but none of those reasons is love is just the idea of love that keeps u yearning for true love when really there is nothing there. My advice to you is dont waste your time looking for the hey arent there.
  • I am getting married soon to the one man I am not in love with. Now that must be true love.
  • I believe in it. Haven't found it yet, but I think it's out there.
  • maybe for other people, ive never found it
  • Yes, when you find your best friend that you're attracted to

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