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  • Winter nights. You get to curl up in front of the fire with hot cocoa. =)
  • A long winter night. Theres nothing better than snuggling with your sweetheart on a cold winters night.
  • Long winter nights by far!!
  • Long winter nights,fireplace nice fire,a quilt,cocoa,heaven!!!!!!!!:) Soft music,cozy just the 2 of you time!!!!!!!!!;0
  • no question...sultry summer nights
  • Summer nights every time.
  • Long winter nights...much more cozy:)...keep each other warm.
  • love winter ...great to cuddle up with the person of your dreams and to hold the one you love
  • Both have their pros and cons, but I like the winter nights. Snuggling in front of the fire......or under a quilt..;-)
  • Winter nights are so cozy with fires and whatever else..but hot summer night are too sweaty even before you get romantic!
  • Long winter nights: 1. Snuggling, and I LOVE to snuggle. 2. Hot Cocoa... Mmmmm Chocolate... 3. Cozy Fire 4. Warm quilt 5. Quiet evenings 6. I think the Holiday cheer adds a little something special. But before all of this, I love to go for a walk and look at Christmas Lights...
  • Sultry summer nights. If I could have 3 weeks of cold and snow then the rest be summer, spring or fall I would be happy. I hate trying to live in cold weather! Shoveling, melting snow, freezing your fingertips, thick coats... argh. Summer nights let you enjoy the outdoors and have an extended evening. Flowers, trees and bushes would be blooming to add their fragrance... wonderful!
  • you mean I have to pick, heck it has been so long i settle for a roll in the mud. lol no I like both about the same and think romance is not so much about the conditions of the weather outside but the action on the inside.
  • I have to go with summer, but that may just be because I'm from a very northernly city, and see 6 - 7 months of winter in a year. Summer just makes me want to open a window with some gauzy curtains and turn on a Henri Salvador record. Ooh la la! ;)
  • summer sultry nights, hands down! wear a cute dress, enjoy the night walking on the beach sipping on margaritas... go skinny dipping in the ocean on a full moon night!!
  • Sultry summer nights. We don't really have long winter nights here, but I do not like the cold. :)
  • Winter nights. I love just snuggling by the fireplace, a good, hot cup of coffee and just hearing the crisp wind on the back door.
  • Long Winter Nights. -Cuddling up by the fire. -Drinking hot cocoa. -Sharing blankets. -Watching the snow fall. All of it is good.
  • It all depends on the scenario. If it's a long Winter night in a giant old city, with snow fluttering down around the streetlamps and collecting on the eves of ancient buildings, the distant sounds of car alarms and police sirens echoing out over the skyline while I stretch out one the roof and look out through the eerily clear night air, staring out into the endless void, then I'll take a long Winter night any day of the week. But if I can spend my Summer in the country, with crickets chirping and the wind whispering through the branches of giant live oaks and drooping willows, and a clear, deep pond to swim in, then a sultry Summer eve is superior by far. If I'd have to spend either night in the same place though, I'd probably take the Winter night simply because I love to go out walking in my neighbourhood on cold, windy nights.
  • long winter nights! i love a cold night and a warm bed

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