• As of now it is scheduled for sometime in 2007.
  • The Halo Movie is scheduled for sometime in 2007 and it will be directed by Peter Jackson
  • its out summer 2008
  • There seems to be a problem with budgeting. Fox and Universal Studios both decided the budget got out of hand, so they dropped the project. As of now, they have no money. There is no cast as of yet, since they have no money. IMDB has it scheduled for 2009, but it could be anytime, now that there's no money going to the project.
  • I dont know
  • yer well i don't think halo movie is going to come out ur right about them going over with the money and its just not going to work they say its coming 2007 it went past then 2008 it went past now they say 2009 wtf its just not going to happen i would like if they do make it but just fass it its not ....
  • So far FAIL! ALL OF YOU FAIL! you should now that yes just like Lady Alathia said Fox and universal did back out but they did start filming in New Zeland but they didnt have enough money to finish filming. :( sadness
  • i would say this fall when halo3:odst comes out... it would of came out much sooner but in October 2008 the guy that wrote gears of war made up a script and the microsoft team liked it soo it might take a little while... also the movie is called "Halo:The Fall of Reach", a planet that the Spartans originated from
  • probably not in our life times

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