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  • Yes please.
  • Because it is a strong human instinct that has remained with us throughout our evolution.
  • Because they are interested in furthering the species.
  • It's apart of our DNA, as well as it is in girls.
  • Girls don't?
  • Um... I'm a girl and I like sex... Because it feels good, perhaps?
  • I like sex. I'm not a guy.
  • Because we're robots designed to pleasure women.
  • Because it feels REALLY good.
  • why are guys guys? guys and sex go together like a beer and a condom (assuming you're not alone ...).
  • I heard that women like it much more than guys do but hold back more so then men. Either way, guys like sex because...
  • same reason women like sex....its fun, romantic, passionate, feels great and dirty...come on now!
  • Because it feels good.
  • because it is hard for a woman to nag and complain during an orgasm...(Lol...J/K!)
  • Male were "designed" for furthering species. That's why they have strong interest in having sex with different females throughtout their whole life. Research find that averagely, men think about sex once every hour. It IS extremely difficult for most men to be loyal to only one woman. Female were "designed" for caring descendents. That's why they have strong need for sense of security - shelter, enough food and a loyal partner to protect her to nurse the babies. Women were "designed" not to be too keen on sex all the time, especially after motherhood. If not, children would suffer from high death rate, as mother's new partners always tend to hurt "other males" children. The species would not be able to carry on. Now human beings have spread out on each inch of Earth, indicating that human is a highly successful species adopting the above-mentioned surviving model. Human males, if still very "animalized", are especially interested in sex. Human females, if still very "animalized", are especially interested in motherhood. There is nothing wrong with that. People of this group prefer "enjoying life". Education and religion reduce human's sex drive. Not just because those people are too busy to think of sex and motherhood. Well-educated people found that "there are better things to do in life" - life is more about food, sex, pretty outfits and raising children. The world is amazing. There are so many things to learn. There are so many things to experence. Human beings are so ignorant. Religions purifies one's soul. People with religious belives think that spirituality is higher form of all lives. People spend too much efforts on materials (food, sex, everyday life, money, power, fame) will remain on the level of animalism, thus are inferior. Both well-educated and religious tend to restrain their "animalism". It is their own choice and there is nothing wrong with it. What went wrong was when two groups disagree with and despite each other. They really shouldn't be living together. Most family tregedies occur due to this problem.
  • That is such a sexist question! I think the question should be rephrased, "why does everyone on the planet like sex?" I'm assuming it feels good, cause if it didn't there wouldn't be half as many people on this planet!
  • guys like sex because sex is fantastic dont know really why but there are some girls out there that really like it to
  • For the same reasons women do. It feels very, very good - at least if you're doing it right it does.
  • Because we have a penis and woman have a vagina. When you insert the penis into the vagina, it feels good. People like to feel good.
  • Because its more fun and cheaper than fast cars ... ♥ ___________________________________ ♥
  • Because it's quick and easy-LOL!
  • Cos it feels good?!
  • I love the intimacy. It feels really good too. :-)
  • because they cant stay alone without imagining a girl naked
  • okai first of all shut the fuck up dumbshits sex is mm a pleasure that only mortal could feel according to greek mitology and its a form to relax,and it keeps you alive,look sex s good nothing to worry but mm boys like it more couse girls thik that that is gonna hurt or my virginity or whatever my friends said and males are more like yep this gonna be a great night or HOW m i suposse to get a condon oo a wanna have sex so much but shit i dont have a condon =/ like thats how it works
  • Because sex is MMMM MMMM good!
  • it feels like heaven,thats why men like it:)don't you like sex?im a girl and i like it just as much as my guy does if not more
  • Because our bodies and brains are programmed to like it, so that we will want to do it as often as possible in order to propagate the human race. We didn't get to the point where there are billions of us by NOT liking sex!
  • what kind of question is this! i dodn't know only men like sex. i love sex and i'm a girl. and last time i check we liked it for the same reason. it makes you feel good.
  • Women like sex too.
  • The best way to bust a nut is to have sex :)
  • They are programmed that way. Hormones and such.

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