• For much the same reason that one gay guy can call another a faggot and not be insulting. The word is only insulting when it is meant to be insulting.
  • Who is the real racist here, I think your question answered it by it self, there is a saying that says in Dutch, from what the heart is full the mouth will over flow of. do you actually listen to that crap they sing, about killing, rapping, drugs, fuck your mother and kill your father, I don’t think it has got such a good idea, they are all a bunch of gang bangers, you get one of them alone, they are humble, turn your back and they will smoke you’re ass, what they sing is what they do, it is they’re lifestyle, and they do this cause they don’t know of anything better. Maybe they should consider getting an education...
  • It's a question of taking something that used to be negative and turning it into something that's a positive. Kinda the same as a woman calling a female friend a bitch. The thing is, these artists who use this word freely in lyrics, interviews, and everyday life have basically given the go ahead for everyone to use the word and desensitized the generation now who is listening to the music to the negative history behind it.
  • I'm not knowledgeable about rap music..but I think this may be changing among some rap artists. I've heard that a few of them have decided to eliminate the use of that word, and also the denigration of women, from their music..I think if a word has horrible connotations associated with it, no one should use it..I'm sure the rap artists feel they have a "right" creatively to say whatever they like and that it is an abridgement of artistic freedom..but there is also the question of bringing up hurtful things, good taste and trying to make things better in the world and not keep regurgitating the bad stuff over and over and over. :)
  • Context is the important part! I must have answered this same type question 10 times now! No word is bad. The context behind the word is the bad part.
  • It is always context. The word that' non dares speak its name' is just the Spanish word meaning Black. The poor southerners could not pronounce Negra correctly. It has only become an insult because people used it or took it in a derisory manner.
  • If you use the "n" word in a derogetory manner of course it will be frowned on....Do you like being called names out of spite?

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