• Tha bottle I have sez 53 proof which means 26 1/2% alchohol. But its a old bottle cause the stuff is disgusting so its pro'lly 'vaporated down to 13 or even less. What for ya need such a thing, if ya want coffee flavored booze, add some booze to your coffee. I love coffee and I love booze. But I never add coffee to my booze. The two drugs are apotostical, which is a word I envented late one night while trying to invent a decent way of drinking Kahlua.
  • there are now a few kinds of kahlua out there. the old bottle is indeed about 26%, the new standard one is 20%, and there is a 35% one as well named the kahlua especial kind of a dark roast.
  • Not sure, but this chocolately great tasting stuff has the Knock-you-on-your-ass percentage which is just fine by me.

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