• Pabst Blue Ribbon. Nastiest beer on the planet.
  • Nati Ice, Australia has a beer called Beez Neez though and it's awesome
  • America: Budweiser, and Rainier Beer. I would rather someone sh*t in my mouth than drink either of those disgusting pieces of... well, you get the idea. *shudder* I can't BELIEVE that butt-weiser is the highest selling beer in America. *GAG*
  • Fosters - Australia When I went to England they told me to try it as it tastes different. Uh Uh still tastes like sh*t. I'm a Kilkenny Draught girl myself with a shot of Irish Whiskey.
  • Quebec: There are a pair of beers called Maudite (the Damned), and Le Fin Du Monde (End of the World). Neither are great tasting, but they'll get you drunk.
  • Australia .. i have tried there XXX beer .. and man did it mess up my poor stomach .. lol .. yea that was the one I'll say .
  • Boddingtons,which had possibly been frozen and had thawed, tasted, with no exaggeration, what I think piss tastes like. I have a dozen or so people that can back me up on this. Budweiser is second worst because it is so popular and tastes so bad. And Grolsch and Pabst are both good shit!
  • Jamaica's Red Stripe. It is very nasty. I can't believe people drink it.
  • most american beer sucks, cept for the brewpubs and smaller manufacturers. actually grolcsh/red stripe are decent. RWB is the worst by far, don't know if its still being made, but in my college daze, you could buy a case for 5 bucks.. laughing skull by atlanta brewing is good cept i cant get it in florida
  • Golden Anniversary Beer. The stuff is LITERALLY cheaper than bottled water... and for good reason.
  • We sampled a German chocolate beer at an Octoberfest once. GGAAAKKKK!!!! A good friend and myself pledged to drink one of each of the 75 beers advertised. We did.
  • I don't like most American beers. They are too boring, too much like yellow water, and rely on being icy cold for any attraction.
  • By country - USA hands down. Even though some of my favorites are from the USA.
  • Panama Beer. Made from canal water. If you pour it in a glass, you can see the oil, and you can taste it.

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