• wait...if shes an "ex" who cares?
  • If it matters that much to you then I'd let her know that you are sorry and that you really do care and have changed!
  • give her time to cool off, don't keep coming around her & just let her know you were wrong for what you said or done & thats the best thing about being ex's that she don't have to live with you anymore but it would make both of your lives easier if she forgave you & allowed ya'll to be on friendly terms.
  • 6-18-2017 What part of "ex" don't you understand? A broken relationship stays broken forever.
  • Move on with your life. If you can do that, you may gain some respect from her. At that point, you shouldn't even care. On the other hand, if you committed a major violation (cheating, violence, etc.) she's likely to stay mad at you forever.
  • That depends on what you did.

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