• Depends on how they come at me with it!
  • even if it's constructive, said in a nice way, criticism i still get offended. that's just me being overly sensitive though.
  • I can be quite sensitive and prone to being offended but I try to remind myself that much is constructive criticism (if it is).If I really disagree I will say.
  • I am sensitive to the bone and after someone says what they need to say....I will go somewhere and cry.
  • I think I'm pretty good at taking criticism. I'm better than I used to be at taking criticism anyway.
  • It depends what it's about! If ti is about something that I don't particularly excel in like something at school then i'm fine with it. But if it's something to do with music (my thing) then I can't take it, even if the musician or music teacher in question is giving me fair criticism I know it's fair but yet I hate them for it! I'm so silly!
  • If it's constructive criticism, it's welcome. If it's not, it depends on the source. If it's from a moron with absolutely nothing of any merit to say, as happens on here for example from time to time, I sometimes get amused rather than offended. I think that this guy put it best though, when talking about the mindlessly mediocre among us who criticise with no idea of what on earth they're talking about, not to mention those who are anti critical thinking, reason and logic - "what yer reading for?" (cough rosie cough cough phil cough), and, if he was offended, well he was offended. Good. Sometimes it''s appropriate. Idiots don't have to be tolerated. If you're going to be offended, do it wholeheartedly, don't compromise and don't hold back :o) :  
  • All critisizms are like "life kiss", and not to offend. Everybody ought to take and make as well...
  • If I don't understand what they're saying, it means they know what they're talking about, and not me. XD Otherwise, then I often question what makes them know or judge something better then I do or can other then them stating it, and it pisses me off. But I don't let it get to me really, because it doesn't mean I know any better. It's usually quite welcome, but I'm afraid I can't always admit it. But I always consider it sincerely, and try to see or understand in another way, which might help improve my own enlightenment. If it has to do with artwork and the like, I'm always open. Not really for subject matter, but for improving my techniques and the like. When I draw something, it's supposed to look like what it's supposed to be. If it looks like something else, I do get hurt, because although I just draw for fun and everyone may be damned as far as career and stuff goes, it is something I want to improve, too. I think most criticism offends people because it piques at their own personal selves and why they say or do things in relation that it makes up what they are, but your own self is always something to question just as much.
  • I think about it, keep whatever bits I feel are constructive, make use of it and throw away the rest :)
  • I take helpful criticism well. It helps me improve. I will go on the defensive if its just hateful criticism.
  • I laugh a lot of things off. Most of the time at least.
  • Depends on how it's presented...but I think I take it pretty well.
  • I don't take criticism well. I am a sensitive person, and although I'm not vain, I do know that I excel in many areas and get perturbed by criticism. If the criticism is over-the-top and unreasonable, I don't care. If the criticism is constructive, I take it well. But if someone criticizes me for his/her own benefit (wants to make me feel bad intentionally), I get really p***d off.
  • I can take criticism ok if it is constructive but if it is just criticism and no resolutions i go red and get very embarrassed and annoyed.
  • I get offended by some, but I don't show it, I just accept it as advice and move on.
  • If it's constructive I take it well. If it is only meant to put me down then it can be pretty offending.
  • When it comes to my writing work at school I'm pretty open. But if it's free writing I'm doing I can't help but crack. I do look at it thoughtfully from another view but it still leaves a crack in me.

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