• yes the drops do
  • it has worked for me.
  • I don't know, for sure, but my Mom used it on us when I was a kid, (straight out of the bottle).
  • I would suggest going to the doctor. You may need them irrigated, which happens by using qtips incorrectly usually. Ie. sticking them in too far and packing the wax down. My dad did that his whole life and ended up having to get his ears irrigated. Was funny to watch and NASTY to see what came out! yuck!
  • It sure does !
  • I think I'd feel safer with Earex or Waxsol.
  • Yes, drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide (comes in a large brown bottle for less than $1), followed by warm water wash, will work VERY effectively as long as your ear is clogged with wax. You can tell the peroxide is working because it tickles and bubbles as it loosens the wax. If the wax has turned glassy hard, and really clogged your entire ear canal, peroxide would work only with a lot of patience and repeated applications. Doctors would deal with that using a scope and specialized spoon to dig it out. Never attempt that yourself, with a Q-trip or any object. You don't want to risk damaging a precious sense like hearing. Doctors also have a special wash that can be just a water pic, with a special tip for ears. Don't get peroxide in your eyes. Don't drink it or ingest it or use peroxide if you think your ear drum hurts a lot or has been punctured. Some punctures heal naturally, but you need to see a doctor to assess that situation. Around the age of 50, I thought I was losing hearing in my right ear, just going a little deaf. I accepted it for years. It got worse, and I could tell I had a lot of wax in there because my ear would stick shut if I pressed the flap ("targus"). I used hydrogen peroxide, and warm water wash using a ear syringe bulb, repeated several times, and it worked like a miracle. I always had exceptionally good hearing and now I do again.
  • Ear drops and cleaners will not help if it is blocked from the inside in the middle or inner ear tube. I KNOW THE SOLUTION. This discomfort is often due to simple sinus swelling, allergies, flying, ear infections or even swimmers ear. It is simply a swollen eustachian tube that is keeping fluid from draining properly from the blocked inner ear. Peroxide only works if it is wax build up in the outer ear canal. I made a home remedy that can END the hearing loss, pain, swelling, and congestion in the inner ears - I discovered this myself by trial and error. Like you, I had searched online for a solution I could use at home but never found one that worked! That is why I am posting this blocked ear cure - I will tell you how - there is nothing to buy from me, just two items at your local drug store and this home remedy will have you feeling better asap! FOR BLOCKED EAR SOLUTION INSTRUCTIONS:
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  • one needs an emulsifier, that will break up wax. an oil of some kind. coconut oil works great. some people have it in the kitchen for cooking. i drip it into my ear canal and wiggle my ears around with one hand and listen for the gurgle gurlge of the oil working. then in the shower i use a blue bulb squirter to squirt warm water into my ear, and the wax pops out all over every where. regular maintenance will make it easy the next time. i have never used hydrogen peroxide.
  • ok so what does it mean when i use the hydrogen peroxide and it doesnt come out?! no joke because now i have an earfull of hydrogen peroxide! And yes im sure its still in there and yes ive tried laying/jumping/hair dryer/heating pad/ear tugging everything to get this stuff out!!! UGH!
  • Most doctors no longer advise hydrogen peroxide but instead white vinegar and distilled water slightly warmed. the ears are then washed out using a rubber bulb until the water is clear.

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