• I would put the car in neutral and try to coast to a safe place. Am I doing the right thing?
  • I would put the hazard lights on, turn off the engine, and exit the vehicle and wait at the side of the road... The other traffic will have to aknowledge its a breakdown and wait or safely overtake...
  • Open the door, jump out, then sit back and watch the carnage!
  • Put on my emergency flashers, put the car in nutreul & try to push the car off to the side of the road then hit my emergency brake & turn the car off. Then exit the car & kick the crap out of it for embarrassing me like that in heavy traffic.
  • Probably ram a large fast moving (in the same direction) vehicle so that the impact would be reduced and the other vehicle would have the weight to bring mine to a halt. Either that or revel in the greatest of Hollywood SCCREEEAAAMMMS as I depart the planet!
  • Put the car in neutral, put on the hazard lights, coast to a stop, if possible in the breakdown lane and turn off the engine.
  • Put the car in nutral and quickly turn the engine off then pull over. The RPM will get way beyond red lining (engine will run so fast it will damage itself). Something VERY similar actually happened to me once. I was driving an older Chevy panel truck. I didn't know what happened at the time but the butter fly valve at the bottom of the carburetor broke completely off so it was 100% wide open, giving the engine the maximum gas, and the engine went screaming crazy fast until it threw a rod. Very scary (and it wasn't my car).

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