• No. life is what you make it. this is what i wife of 40 years, came from a broken home. she moved at least 15 times in her childhood and never called one place home. i had the leave it beaver homestyle. my parents were always married to each other for 50 years. my mother did not have to work. both my wife and i, before we married, decided that we would make our marriage work. its called determination, respect for each other, and of course, a solid love commitment. you have to work at making a marriage work. it just does not happen. its your second job. if the love is there, why would you want to cheat? keep the spice in your relationship, always plan ahead for a new activity. once or twice a month, each of us plan an overnight getaway in a town surrounding ours. just to get away and spend the night with each other, keeps the romance new. who has time for cheating and why would you want to?
  • No, i dont think so. Many times when people are from broken homes they want love and they want to keep it. If they are from broken homes they want to love people and for people to love them back. It make take time for them to realize it, though.
  • absolutely not, there's a saying learn from other people's mistakes, you don't have to follow in your parents footsteps you can learn from the mistakes that they made and better yourself and your relationship,
  • I don't think so. But you're welcome to disprove me!

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