• Not in modern times but tongue piercing isn't something new and in less than sterile conditions a person could get a very serious infection. Tongue piercing is probably one of the safest piercings but trauma to the tongue, and metal that causes cracks to the teeth can lead to teeth and bone infections. Those can be severe enough to require that sections of the jaw might have to be replaced. Side Note: Death penalty judgements in the United States have a huge error rate. You are more likely to die from being "accidentally murdered by the state" for a crime you didn't commit than you are to die from a tongue piercing.
  • If the piercing is done wrong then yes you can die. be/c for the simple fact is that there may be a blood vessel that runs up the middle of your tongue and you hit it you will bleed out. you may not die in this day and age but you will be in for major pain. its is not called the suicide piercing for nothing.

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