• I had this problem with my bank today. Apparently I had 4 different transactions on 4 different days which processed fine, but apparently I had insufficient funds, and my bank charged me $25 for each transaction. I have $-130 in my account now. I had no idea I had no money. My card was never declined. and I checked my account 4 days ago and it was $14. I've only used it 4 times since the day I checked. Why would my bank allow me to use my card if they know I have no money in it?? and then CHARGE me $100 for using it???????? Doesn't make sense.
  • Due to Banks not being able to make any money other way they let your debit card go through at any merchant and weather or not you have money in the account then charge you for insufficient funds to make ends meet it is new bank policy to rob their customers. That is how Bank of America and Wells Fargo plan on surviving the financial crises we are in. I have stopped using banks all together, I made arrangements to pay my rent with cash so this way banks can kiss my ass.

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