• If you are over 18 school will not affect your benefits. What might affect them is any financial aid money or loans. Any money you recieve from school must be spent within 30 days.
  • I hate people like you...always looking for excuses to get free money...You are the reason I will never be able to collect social security as a retirement when I get older, cuz I pay into it for you dirty thieving free money wanters to collect when you never even payed into the thing. Nice real Nice, Im guessing this is your child? way to teach your kid responsibility. No just make an excuse for him because he is retarted and doesnt fit in with society.
  • TO joeybagadonutz I am on disability b/c I have a terminal heart/ lung problem. I WORKED up until 2004 when in the span of 3 months I spent over 30 days in the hospital. (not all at on time but multiple visits) It was a little hard to keep a job when your always being admitted. Even after that it still took me 3 full months to begin the process for S.S. disability. I would prefer to work, I want to work but my lungs have deterioated enough that I now am on Oxygen 24/7. I also am on many meds that cause me to be very tired. Do not assume that b/c someone is on disability that we are lazy and want things handed to us on a silver platter. My disability check is around $500 less per month then my paycheck was. Wanting help to pay for college isn't done by people with disabilities. Stop judging all of us who are on disiability who knows?....someday you may be in our shoes.
  • There should be no government welfare, period. You parasitic piles of offal do not have the right to my property because you're schizo, or you came down with cancer. You want protection against disability? Buy disability insurance! What did we use to do before legalized theft came about? Well if you were sick or shizo you lived with your family. Now that the parasites have successfully petitioned the government to take others property by force they don't do that anymore.
  • ive seen people on disability going to college if thats what youre wondering about

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