• Start off with small talk, and gradually build up each conversation. Hopefully, sooner or later you both should get more comfortable with each other, at the same time you would gain a sense of what kind of person he is. If you realize that you two would be better off as friends, then just keep things like it is and no harm done. If you feel like you would want to take it to the next level, then ask him out (if he hasn't yet), just the two of you and try to get a read of his reaction so you can better gauge his feelings toward you. It will then just become a chain reaction and your instincts should take over from there. :)
  • Oh God, guys are always ready for girls approach, just try it, with a big sexy smile, watch his face it will come pink redish.
  • graciously walk up to him and say "check this shit out" then open your coat to reveal stockings ,suspenders and a massive strap on... if he stays ...SWEET if not you know he's a retard with no sense of fun
  • try finding out the places he usualy hangz-out... n be in them places without looking obvious... bump into him more than 'normal'... giv a shiny smile (at the least...)... whn evr yu pass by him... shud work... peace!!!
  • As i have told others JUST TALK TO US!!! it's the most important thing to do, the rest will just fall into place
  • Ask them how they are doing, keep it simple. Ask them on a date. For all I know, I thought a date was meant for getting to know someone. That's all I got for now.

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