• Hard work and determination, with a little luck thrown in for good measure. :-)
  • The constant support from my parents, my ambition and my hard work.
  • hardship and volunteering.
  • perseverance and good choices
  • My good looks and flirtatious manner.
  • My iron clad will.
  • My will power and my wife and Kid!
  • Life lessons, my wonderful husband, positivity.
  • Positive attitude, gratitude for what I have, seeing the glass always as half-full and not half-empty..always focusing on the doughtnut and not the doughnut hole. :)
  • Intense curiosity to know the unknown plus an urge to express and create. I love life and trying to make the most of the time that I have :o)
  • Determination and hard work.
  • my parents who raised me to work hard and appreciate others.and to respect others.
  • OK, a serious answer. Somehow my dad, the son of a blacksmith in a Pennsylvania coal mining town, went through college during the Depression. He wasn't shot down during WW2. They were Catholics, and temporarily lost their sense of rhythm after a little too much Christmas cheer, so along came Baby Blob. I was born in the US. Both he and my mom were intelligent, so hopefully I inherited that. I was somewhat quiet and introverted nature as a child, which led me to read a lot and stay away from "rowdy" kids. I didn't really exert myself in school very much until college, and my Catholic church-going was very suburban and casual, but I always had a sense of education and moral character being extremely important. I don't like alcohol, and find the idea of using drugs repellent. I don't spend much money on luxuries (by US standards). I was terrified of talking to women until my late 20's, so I didn't make a mistake marrying too early. To sum up, boring reasons.
  • I had to work at it.
  • Some aim for and strive for success & greatness, while others have success & greatness reluctantly thrust upon them ... I am a bit of both. __________ ... for "Rickster" ... tried to add this comment several times, but could only get an "error on page" message ... __________ ... in many ways ... from being paraded in front of my elementary class for what I thought was simple stuff and put on the honour roll's pedestal when all I wanted was to fit in, to being forced to take my first martial arts class for my health and being forced to continue when I wanted to quit because I hated the two smaller & younger girls that dropped me on my head every day for three years before I could get them once, to military promotions that came earlier than expected and forced me to be the leader that got the credit for the whole unit's work, to being the martial arts assistant instructor at age 13 and taking over the school for almost two weeks when the real instructor returned to Japan for a wedding and ended up staying for a funeral too, to starting a computer software business in 1994 with 3 fellow programming students, then being the sole survivor when our car was hit by a drunk, and now I am the only one in the company and my Linux stuff is spread all over the world ...
  • determination
  • My mother, for teaching me to be tough love, independance and how to be resourceful.
  • I guess God really does take care of drunks and fools. I don't deserve how awesome my life is. I try to be a very good person, but even karma wouldn't be so kind.
  • strength, courage, confidence, determination.

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