• A calming, restful colour in a pastel shade, nothing stimulating like red, for instance
  • A lot depends on your taste; you can really paint a bedroom any color from white to red to black. I prefer cool soothing colors. My bedroom has 3 walls in a soft muted plum and one wall in a soft sage green. Curtains and quilt have creams, sage greens, purples, plum, etc. And all the wood in the room is mahogany.
  • Well you CAN paint it any color you want, but for a bedroom something soft and soothing is going to be best. Light green or purple or blue or even pink would be good. Also I like to have some contrast, either two complimentary colors or like light green on two walls facing one another and a slightly darker shade of green on the other two walls. It looks really cool and adds some depth and texture to the room.
  • The most relaxing room I've ever been in was the living room of our last house. What made it relaxing was that we painted not only the walls, but ALSO THE CEILING with a light pastel green paint. The dining room was the same shade but with the usual white ceiling, and it was just an ordinary room. The carpet was dark green, which gave it enough contrast. People generally paint ceilings white to reflect light, but that's not your purpose. Your purpose is to relax, right? Try it, you'll like it.
  • Depends on what style you like, coffee and cream are lovely and warm in a bedroom, but lilac is a very soothing colour, i actually have lilac and silver and its really nice and calming. Be careful of cold colours like green and blue, they can be nice in summer but cold in winter. A nice yellow is also lovely as long as its not too pale or not too acidy. Best advice is to get some paint colour charts or matchpots and try them out.
  • If you want your room to be relaxing and calming then you should paint it blue, but not flourecent or bright blue. Blue is the most calming color. You could also try a medium to light shade of green (I have sage green in my room) or a light to medium shade of purple. Any cool color is good for relaxation. Bright colors are good for energy.
  • Mine is a smokey rose color..calm dark but not dark..kinda a relaxing sorta color :)
  • I like plain flat white ... I have colored lightbulbs and "un-candles" which are floating oil lamp wick holders that you put in a glass 3/4 full of water with food coloring, then top off the colored water with lamp oil and use like a candle in a glass, the colored water causes the flat white walls to look colored ... an easy way to change your wall's color without repainting.

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