• yes, and everytime i use it. people just dont get me, sometimes.
  • Yes, I will try to inject some dry humor into an answer and it seems to go unappreciated. Sometimes it's completely misinterpreted and I have a heckuva time explaining. I'm not sure the person believes me, and of course the humor is lost with the explanation. Maybe I'm just no good at it! When dry humor becomes brittle I guess it has to be hydrated.
  • Yes, I do at times, and I hate it when I have to keep saying "I'm just kidding". So annoying.
  • I do and it does, and I also tend to repeat things from relatively obscure comics like Eddie Izzard and Tyler Perry, which I find hilarious and leaves my listener clueless, of course. I'm working on it!
  • I have a wicked sense of humor sometimes. That's probably why I don't get along with people who are uptight or easily offended.
  • I have an odd sence of humor. People never know when to take me seriously, yea people get mad or upset, or even the wrong ideas, but in the end all ends up good !
  • I pride myself in my dry sense of humor,but it can cause trouble.Once,I laughed so hard that I pissed my pants..he,he,he,oh no not again...
  • A lot of the times my sense of humor is dry and somewhat morbid and not always with the best possible timing. I never become offended and sometimes forget that some people do. I admit I am a work in progress.
  • Hell yeah, My sense of humor is so Random it's Ridiculous. So much so, That people have stopped talking to me over it. it's very Sporadic and I absolutely love it. I leave a lot of ??????? lingering over people's head. But what makes it even better is when people actually Embrace it.I think All sense of humor is Great, So if U have no sense of Humor...I say to you.. Go out and Grab Ur self 1 U Douche Bags because life is too short Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
  • My humor has gotten me into some situations-some of which were pretty funny...
  • yes i do have a dry sense of humour but it has never gotten me in to trouble because people are used to me and know what im like
  • It gets me in trouble in that often times people don't understand the joke until much later - they come back and say " I got it!". Here is an example of a recent dry humor joke from me: My sister in law was recently talking about wanting to see Rod Stewart in concert to a bunch of us sitting around drinking wine. She then explained in a giggly way that the reason he has such a great voice is because he's swallowed a lot of semen in his life. To which I never missed a beat and responded: So that explains why I can't sing...half to myself and half to the crowd.. hence - dry humor. it got a huge laugh.
  • People have told me I have a dry sense of humor. I've asked them to explain what that is, I still don't get it.
  • Yes it does. Everyone around me, don't know if I am joking or not.They are so offended by my reaction when I respond to comment or joke , it even interferes with my relationship. I don't know why. I don't mean no harm to anyone around me at all.
  • Maybe you should change to slapstick. You know... "Oh! You don't get my joke!!? SMASH! Now who's laughing buddy??" (That's how Charlie Chaplin got started. He used to beat the shit out of the Keystone Cops and..well that's another story..) (Oh and Donald Trump is famous for his dry wit. (YEA!! Some republican supporters told me...he isnt stupid or crazy at all!! It;s just a gag! Isnt that hilkarious??*$^& Wait...Mr Floppy still doesnt get it.
  • Only if I am allergic to groans. My father was famous for his corny jokes.

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