• first of all, which movie? that aside, anytime the kids prevail over voldemort that is good over evil. anytime the teachers help them that is good over evil. anytime they band together and show compassion and support that is good over evil.
  • well read the books before the movie because the movies assume that you have read the books.
  • The protagonists in the Harry Potter series are strong anti-bigotry advocates. They show courage and resourcefulness when confronted with evil. They are opposed to conformity-for-the-sake-of-conformity. They use magic to promote the physical safety of themselves and others. They defend the rights of those who are in the minority. They hold to the truth despite the consequences. I think all of those things are good.
  • Harry Potter is just a good hearted tale about children that go to a wonderful school to learn magic and spells.I think it is about overcoming obstacles and the true meaning of friendship.
  • There have been 5 movies so far. All are well-made, although purists and lovers of the books complain about certain changes and/or omissions on the stories. I liked them all. The last one specially, as the storylnes are becoming even darker and brooding.
  • To me, the movies give me a perspective on how others view the world of Harry Potter (the directors, and producers). It is also good to see how others bring the characters to life. It is sort of like Harry Potter in our world, if that makes sense. I love the movies.
  • Harry Potter is not a movie, it's series of movies based on a series of books. The books were specifically written as children's books and so they include a lot of impossible stuff - making things appear and disappear, for example. The beauty of the books is that they aren't written in the same style as most children's books, the quality of the writing makes them transcend genre - they are books for anybody of any age who still retains a sense of innocence. Although not an adherent of any particular religion, I have a very well-defined sense of right and wrong, moral and immoral. These books are among the most moral I have ever read. I repeat my challenge that I have already made to you - read one of the books and make up your own mind. You cannot criticise that which you know nothing of.
  • Pretty much it is the good vs evil scenario. you have evil depicted by bulling, ruthlessness, merciless killing and cowardice. in the movies the good is (just examples) 1: Harry and Ron rescuing Hermione from the troll when they could have just left her there. also Harry defeating quirrel. 2: Harry defeating the Basalisk. 3: Hermione keeping Lupins secret. (a moral good) 4: Harry telling Cedric they should both take the cup (also a moral good which harry regrest as it led to cedrics death) 5: Harry attempting to rescue his godfather knowing the risks. these are the only movies out at the moment. i hope this helped
  • Dumbledore is probably one of the most moral characters in children's literature. Harry overcomes evil in his environment, and within himself. The entire concept of the series is that they are trying to stop an evil wizard from taking over the world. Also, the movies do no justice. The books are incredible (the latter few are anyway, her writing evolves throughout the series). You should give them a read.

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