• I wouldnt call it a phobia, as much as the fact that i get very anxious and tense when around people. This includes people i am familliar with, such as my live in girlfriend, and parents. Im not much of an introvert really, its really all inside. Im not sure if that counts, but there it is :-) how about you?
  • People .. and speeding vehicles.
  • Sometimes.
  • Not in the least.
  • Yes! It's affected my entire life and I'm still trying to overcome it. I've made a lot of progress over the years but it has taken a lot of work and many tears. Maybe when I am 80 I'll be over it. I'll let you know then.
  • When I was a kid I didnt like crowds. and I was prone to violent outburst that usually left somebody injured.I got help and I don't have either problem anymore.
  • I did for most of my life. Fortunatly I have gotten a lot better in the past 10 or so years. It took a major life change tho.
  • Yes, but not all the time. I have discovered this correlation (in myself) between symptoms of PMDD(Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) and Social Anxiety Disorder.
  • I do. It's not an easy thing to admit in public, for that very reason :) It's interesting because I can see it in myself, understand the reasons and know the fear is illogical, but it's still hard to stop feeling it. I've found that being well prepared for a situation usually helps me a lot e.g. visualising it beforehand, knowing who else will be there, checking the location if I don't know it, etc. That way when it's time to go and I start to feel stressed, there's nothing else to add to the anxiety :) In my case I think the phobia stems from not quite fitting in anywhere as a child. I was non-white in South Africa but looked white [and remember, we had to live in racially demarcated areas, so all the other kids in my area thought I looked weird], plus I went to a wealthy, upper-class school with seriously rich students, but my family was nothing like that, and then finally I was a complete tomboy and didn't behave at all the way a girl 'should'. So I always felt a bit awkward and out of place. You'd never know it if you met me though. People often remark on how at ease and confident I seem in situations, when actually I had to give myself a pep talk to walk in the front door [and often I'd like nothing better than to walk straight out the back again!].
  • Yeah i hate it when people approach me and i try to stay away and talk back as much as possible.I could never be a people person cause id probably want to fight them.
  • I guess I do because I HATE being in crowds.
  • Oh yes. Crippling social phobias that mentally and physically impair me when in the presence of more than one person at a time. The only way I've found to combat it is getting ridiculously drunk before I see people. Obviously being a recluse is better than a drunkard, though, so I'm still alone a lot.
  • yeah most people annoy me seriously...holy hell
  • no i love bieng around alot of poelple.
  • yep...
  • i would say so at times. it depends on how many people are around and who the people are.
  • Yes, I have, Enosiophobia, a fear of crowds.
  • A bit, sometimes.
  • Very much so that it even affects me online (mainly in MMORPGs like Warcraft).
  • What! your freaking mer out!
  • Yes, but it was not this bad, before. It got worse, because my social life has disappeared. I'm sure I could get it back, if I had help. But who would help me?
  • Yes I do, and it sucks. But, thankfuly, medication has made the symptoms dimminish substancialy, so I recomend anyone who thinks they have socialphobia to contact a theapist so that they can get medication because the medication really dose help--alot.
  • I think I do...When I'm out and about..if I've eaten, and not been able to brush my teeth..I worry, (probably excessively) that there is food between my teeth! I like to smile...and of course if I'm freaking out that there could be food stuck between my teeth, that SHOWS... well it is definitely a smile blowing situation! I usually keep dental floss on hand to correct this problem and put my mind at ease..but heaven help me, if I forgot to take my traveler out of the glove box of MY car...if I'm riding with someone else! lmao
  • Yes. It is very rare that I find myself feeling comfortable in a social setting.
  • Only when I feel indifferent and I need a lot of alone time for myself.
  • No. I have a strong dislike for what passes for social events, like parties, relative gatherings, those awful events that one is supposed to attend like holiday events. Not because I'm phobic, more like I'm bored to tears and detest a lot of small talk with people whom I have zero in common. If it is a like-minded grouping of people with a task in common, I love it. I have to be doing something and not just standing there listening to a bunch of usless babbling.

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