• Just one: improving commnications among human beings.
  • Learning how to agree to disagree...politely.
  • I find some of people's answers very interesting to read about what they experienced or know. It gets informing about what I'm interested in and when I'm interested in it. I can also share what I know.
  • It drastically improves our intellectual capacity and education.
  • Meeting new people, helping others, laughs, heated debates..all the fun stuff. :)
  • From a paper I wrote recently ;): Those who have strong experience or interest in a topic have a forum in which to share it, in an environment where value is determined on the strength of content—not a job title or formal credentials—and expressions of approval and appreciation are central to the function of the site. Some users have commented that the positive answer ratings and comments they receive from a few hours a week on Answerbag outstrip those they receive over months at their full-time jobs.
  • It is HERE that we learn how to get along with others. LOL

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