• Yes, they will help you get a faster start and get more out of each stride.
  • but how much faster will it be? like approximately how many seconds will you be able to shave off in a 100m with spikes rather than racing flats?
  • track spikes are ment to keep you on the balls of your feet to help you keep sprinting. you do this anywase when you do a sprint race such as the 100m dash so they are not critical to have.some people say the spikes make you run faster but i think it only makes you feel more confident thus making you run faster although it is not the accual shoes.
  • Depends on the surface. Don't use them on concrete. Use them on a track built for sprints, etc. They usually are lighter than regular shoes, they have spikes to keep you from slipping on take off and they will keep you sprinting on the balls of your feet. In 100 yards/meters they may help .5 of a second or so. But in a sprint race .01 of a second can win or lose.
  • Yes. If 100m is going to be your thing, I would definitely get the spikes. Keep in mind that there are different spikes designed for different distances. Especially if you're serious about running and the 100m.
  • Yes track spikes do help you run faster because take it from me, i am on the track team and i run the 100 meter dash and it helps alot.

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