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  • It depends on what you consider 'perfect'...
  • No but mine is as close as it gets. Give and take and plenty of I'm sorry's and biting our tongues to not use our weaknesses against us.....we are 32 years and counting !
  • Nuns have that right...I mean, if you marry God, what could be bad? He knows your birthday, He sends you flowers every spring, at the end of the day (meaning your life), He's thrilled to see you come home.
  • No and if people say they are in the perfect relationship they are lying about there true feelings.
  • YES, and people who say no are idiots. not every relationship consists of majority fighting and arguing, lies cheating or anyhting deceiving.. there is a such thing as perfect relationship, most people just never experience it because they're too caught up in trying to change people and all that other BS..
  • Not really. Even the "perfect" relationship has imperfect moments. Perfection if it exists in any relationship is determined by each individual and as a snap shot in time. So any relationship can have its perfect moments but also has its imperfect ones as well.
  • Yes... the one you are happy with. Life's not perfect there is always bumps in the road. A perfect relationship does not avoid them but can make it over those bumps with out problems.
  • Yes... the perfect relationship is knowing each other's flaws, and finding them endearing rather than irritating, fighting but never using low-blows or the past to hurt the other, when he tries to make a special dinner and burns it anyways and when she eats it because she can't believe he used the stove instead of the microwave, being able to tell her that she looks a little heavy in that dress but the blue one look great, when she can fall asleep with her head on his chest and he doesn't mind that she sleep-talks, when you can tell them anything and everything and they can do the same, and when a pinkie-promise really means forever...
  • Of course not. Relationships take work, and that's a good thing. It keeps your priorities in order. I consider my wife to be my 'perfect' mate. I'm thrilled to be with her. But, she's not perfect and neither am I. No matter how well-suited you are, how well you work together, and how committed you are, there will be trials. There will be rough spots and some disagreements and hard times. It takes infinite patience, understanding, and a lot of love.

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