• Rastafarianism started in the 1920's by Marcus Garver,a Jamaican born Black Nationalist leader.He was Roman Catholic and taught his followers to look upon Jesus as a black man.He formed the Universal Negro Improvement Association.It is recognized a legitimate religion.
  • yes it is a religion and a state of mind, i like to say it is very organized for a unorganized religion. it is hard to find any official dogma on paper, because the revalatoin of rastafari is a very personal thing that cant be explained, you would be lucky to find a real rasta who would teach a total outsider about his most valued beliefs. to see if rasta is right for you, read and watch all you can about haile salassie 1 and marcus garvey, also start to read the bible. focus on the psalms and revalations.
  • how do you join this rastafarianism religion
    • mushroom
      Smoke lots of ganja.

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