• I checked my bible and it appears that none of the prophets, God nor even Jesus Himself had anything to say on the matter. We can assume that what she wears beneath her outer wear is between Her, God and her husband ;)
  • As religion generally seems to find women inferior to men, then surely it would be immoral for women to be religious at all. However, surely, when no-one else can tell why would God mind what she wore underneath? I think he'd be a little disappointed if she was showing her thiong off to everyone. Wearing a thing doesn't make someone sexually delinquent... Any Christian (or anyone at all) who makes it their business to dictate to a woman what she wears in privacy is immoral- it's none of their business! Surely, being Christian is about devoting your life and love toward your creator, not controlling others...
  • What their clothes are, is their business, however all clothing perceived as sexual to anyone in any way must be well covered and dressed in a modest way. "...that women adorn themselves in modest apparel...” (I Timothy 2:9) This principle is found in Paul’s use of the terms kosmios and aidos—"well-ordered" and "decent"—to describe the appropriate adorning of the Christian woman (1 Tim 2:9). With reference to clothing, the terms mean that Christians must dress in a well-ordered, decorous, decent manner, without causing shame or embarrassment to God, themselves, or others. Bad dress could result in other people to sin:"Every one who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart" (Matt 5:28. This should apply both in the outside world as well as in Church. And if clothes that can cause sin to others are apparent it is best to keep them covered. All women should check this before going out.
  • If their husband's enjoy it, there is nothing wrong at all. When I had the shape for it, I would wear them. I am back to bikini panties now/
  • Whose business is it besides hers and her significant other?
  • I hope not; I have several of them.
  • morals and christianity are two distinctly different things. There is no moral reason for what type of underwear we wear, especially if it is covered by our outer wear!
  • not that i know of
  • Send me a photo and I'll let you know.

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