• well, I'm taking Latin and I think it's fun and i did'nt have much difficulties with it. But to be a beginner is allways tough I guess, it really depends on how determined you are.
  • I had five years of spanish and almost a full year of ancient greek before trying latin and it has come easy. the rest of my class seems to be keeping up just fine - once you learn the system of conjugating verbs and declining nouns it's a breeze. i say go for it - most of the words are cognates and it really helps your english!
  • since most languages are derived from latin, probably not. you will recognize alot of words and be able to tell. like pediatrico, means kid, think pediatritian
  • That depends on you and whether you've ever taken a language before. If you have, it shouldn't be too hard, and besides, it's worth the effort. It also depends on you. Winston Churchill flunked Latin I three times--he just couldn't get it. But most people aren't Churchills.

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