• The Constitution is carefully set up so that no one person or group runs the country. It may be getting a bit bent round the edged, but it is still mostly working. This is very frustration for conspiracy nuts, who want someone to blame. But the fact is that there is no one groups running the country, but a number of interlocking groups. And those interlocking groups have been deliberately set up to be jealous of each other to that they will not form a big conspiracy. Of course, this makes it very difficult to get anything done, since no-one is In Charge. But, since anyone In Charge would become a dictator, the current confusion is the lesser evil. Well done, the writers of the Constitution.
  • The corporations.
  • The ghosts of dead founding fathers, stuck inside the white house walls, who eventually founded the internet and the USSR.
  • The government is one "of the people, by the people, for the people". It really does work that way, especially when people take their ideas and concerns to their elected representatives, and vote to elect those representatives. Only those people who actually vote are in charge, but those who also contact the elected representatives and voice their opinion are also heard. No one asks "Who did you vote for" when you call or write.
  • big corporations and the rich - through bribes
  • well it's definitely not us
  • Its a combination of elites within the Trilateral Committee, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderberg Group, with help from members of Bohemian Grove. It's one big evil team.
  • The corporations. They financed George W. Bush's campaign, and in return he has spent 8 years in the White House paying them back from our tax dollars. George and his Neocon co-conspirators began converting gov't agencies from public to private--to get tax dollars into contractors' hands. "The Great Iraq Swindle" "How Bush Allowed an Army of For-Profit Contractors to Invade the U.S. Treasury"
  • Lizard people
  • LETS ALL FLAT LINE AND FIND OUT ! Personaly i think the whole conspiricy is a conspiricy in and of itself. I seen death and just know things that are confusing. I believe it's a combination of "the scull and bones" society - free masons and the secret sect of alien hibreds all forming a coalition of brainwashing to train us to believe that we were founded on religions of prophets. I'm not buying it. Theres too much "PROOF" that people don't want to believe. no one realy wants to know the truth becouse we have evolved into a society of followers. We follow anything that seems to be right in the eyes of those we are influenced by. Think about why you REALY go to church or why you REALY are a certain party supporter. You don't realy expect me to believe that you go becouse it just seems right or your mind is realy THAT closed that you honestly believe the hype. You do it becouse someone in your life has influenced you to believe that one way is better than the other. All these things are there for a reason and serve there purpose of giving us an OPTION. Thats all, nothing more and nothing less but that doesnt mean however that its the TRUTH ! we are sheep, we are fed, we are fenced in by the rules that apply to our hunger for the particular grain we were served. No one realy knows and know one realy wants to hear the truth and thats why no one knows. The truth is there but our FEAR keeps us blind, deaf and dumb.......BUT IT'S THERE !!!
  • The United States is constitutionally ran by the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary branches of government.
  • Here's the spooky, scary, horrible truth. Nobody "runs" the United States. It's slightly organized chaos with various actors who can exert greater or lesser degrees of influence to move things in one direction or another. But nobody "runs" the place. I've often thought that people who believe in conspiracy theories take secret comfort in the idea that some small group of people CAN control what happens -- when in fact no one is completely in charge.

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